10 Anime Characters That Overcame Their World, According to Reddit

In anime shows that feature superpowers and abilities like whitening And the My hero academyThere is no shortage of creatures possessing amazing physical and magical prowess. However, there are a few handpicked characters whose strength doesn’t compare to anyone in their world.

Dominant characters are a common metaphor in animation where some creatures possess overwhelming strength, abilities, and intelligence. On Reddit, users are extracting some powerful characters who can control anyone from their own world, from one punch man Saitama for Hellsing Alucard.

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Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

The central power system in the anime show Hunter X Hunter called Nin. With this technique, beings could freely manipulate their life energy and aura, allowing them to develop nin techniques that were unique to them as a person. Meruem, one of the show’s main antagonists and the king of Chimera Ants, is one of the strongest Nen users in the Hunter X Hunter universe.

By consuming other Nen users, Meruem can greatly grow his aura and gain their abilities. He can also use his nen to gather information from other beings. He’s so powerful that according to Reddit user n_o__o_n_e, they are “pretty sure he can take on all the remaining characters in the show at once”.

metronome (a specific scientific accelerator)

Anime Specific scientific accelerator Features beings known as espers, who are humans who can use powerful abilities that nullify the rules of reality to their will. The show follows a rank five esper named Accelerator who is caught in the middle of a struggle at his home in Academy City.

The accelerator is the most powerful level 5 esper as it can control moving objects that have size and direction. That’s why he can easily redirect bullets and other offensive abilities to those who send them. Redditor PudgeChub also notes that the Accelerator was so powerful that the writers “had to cut it down hard early in the story, and even then he was still more powerful than anyone else.” Sure, the Accelerator can also take on anime characters from other worlds.

Alucard (Helsing)

Anime Hellsing It is named after the organization of the same name which aims to search for and eliminate supernatural and supernatural beings that may endanger the country and the Queen. Ironically, the organization’s most powerful weapon is a vampire named Alucard.

Redditor DankyPal is right in saying that Alucard is “one of the most practical characters in all of the cartoon.” Some of his powers include superhuman strength, agility, toughness, and endurance. Furthermore, Alucard can also regenerate quickly after being damaged by enemies. He can also teleport, control the weather, fly, hypnotize, and even change.

Grand Zeno (Dragon Ball)

There are a lot of strong characters in the anime Dragon Ball Apart from Goku. Mr. Popo, Krillin and Piccolo are some of the formidable characters who can stand against the Saiyan. However, the title of the strongest player in the world Dragon Ball He must go to the supreme ruler of the multiverse, Grand Zeno.

Reddit user ClowxReed claims to be the most powerful force in Dragon Ball The universe since he developed the “universe without consequences”. Despite his appearance as a cool character due to his short stature, any being would be terrified to encounter Grand Zeno as he has the ability to easily wipe an object or even a universe from existence through the blue balls of magical energy.

Takamachi Nanoha (The Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha)

The Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha It is a great anime for viewers who want shows led by strong heroines. The show follows a girl named Takamachi Nanoha, who learns that she has an extraordinary power to practice magic. In the show, Nanoha is on a mission to recover the artifact known as the Jewel Seed after meeting a mage named Yuno.

Despite her lack of experience, Nanoha is a formidable magic user who particularly uses bombardment and archery spells. On Reddit, user PseudoPhysicist says that “every major problem in the series is solved with a giant Nuke spell from Nanoha”. She is also incredibly smart, which allowed her to create tactics that helped her overcome enemies who were supposed to be stronger than her.

Yujiro Hanma (Baki)

Because crying It is one of those manga that has been around for as long as One Piece, and it has produced some impressively strong characters. Apart from the main character Baki Hanma, his father Yuujirou Hanma is considered one of the most powerful and terrifying fighters in the anime.

A Redditor user named SkekVen says Yuujirou is “above the strongest fighters in his world even by head and shoulders.” It was also mentioned that Yujiro had defeated entire armies himself. Yuujirou is feared by other fighters, as he can instantly learn any fighting technique once he sees it performed by other people.

Korosensei (assassination chamber)

hypothesis Assassination of the seasons It’s simple: 28 students need to successfully assassinate their teacher to stop him from destroying Earth. However, this proves to be a daunting task, as their mentor, Koro-sensei, is an experienced mutated assassin who takes the form of a yellow octopus.

Because of his time as a killer, students, and even the governments of the world, had a hard time trying to kill him. In a Reddit thread, himynameis -_- points out that he is “hard to kill stupid” thanks to his mutated form that gives him agility, strength and superhuman realization.

Haruhi Suzumiya (Sorrow of Haruhi Suzumiya)

The honorary character of the anime The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya of He is a student who establishes a club at the school that aims to discover otherworldly beings such as aliens, espers, and time travelers. She has an eccentric personality and shows little interest in ordinary human affairs.

Unbeknownst to Haruhi, some members of her club are actually otherworldly beings whose purpose is to keep her from getting bored and activate her powers. Redditor raidou_14 says that Haruhi “can destroy and create universes and change space, time, and matter, all without the need for any effort”. If she gets bored and thinks about erasing the world from existence, she can easily do so.

Kusuo Saeki (The Disastrous Life of K. Saeki)

slice of life anime The disastrous life of Psyche K. It follows Kusuo Saiki, a high school student born with psychic powers. Despite his best efforts to conceal his powers, Kusuo often finds himself in situations where he needs to put his powers to good use.

The anime has a number of other characters who also have powers, but Kusuo can easily beat them. Reddit user The_Capybara_Guy highlights how Kusuo was “able to stop an extinction-level meteorite from hitting Earth” because he has a variety of powers that include telekinesis, teleportation, shape-shifting, cloning, and time travel.

Saitama (One Punch Man)

Anime one man punch The plot of the film revolves around the main character, Saitama, who is known to defeat his enemies with just one punch. But despite his strength, Saitama does not really know the extent of his abilities and is often disappointed when he discovers that he can easily defeat his enemy with one blow.

On a Reddit thread about the most powerful anime characters in their world, Redditor r4wrFox says that “the discussion should end with Saitama” as no one can really match him in the anime, yet. Even S-class heroes who appeared in the anime can’t hold a candle against the bald hero.

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