3 Self-Driving Vehicle Stories You Probably Missed — From Mobile/Intel, Argo AI, and Waymo

We spilled a lot of virtual ink on Tesla AI Day 2022 recently, but there are several other self-driving stories from recent weeks that have been on the list waiting to shine their time. Let’s catch up with some of these other pieces.

1. Mobileye, Intel’s self-driving technology division that Intel bought several years ago, has filed for an IPO. On September 30, it was announced that Mobileye had filed for an IPO. In 2017, Intel bought Mobileye for a record $15.3 billion. Can Mobileye raise that much or more in next year’s IPO? we will see. CNBC notes, “Mobileye’s filling indicates strong revenue growth for the Israeli subsidiary, from $879 million in sales in 2019, to $967 million in 2020, to $1.39 billion last year. Losses shrank from $328 million in 2019 to $75 million last year.” This is a strong trend towards profits and strong financial sustainability. However, a large part of that play is that Intel raises money to focus more on making chips. The company aims to focus more on this core agenda. “Intel previously said it would use some of the money from Mobileye’s list to build more chip factories as it embarks on a capital-intensive process of becoming a foundry for other chip makers.”

Mobileye has partnered with several automakers in recent years to enhance their semi-autonomous driving features. It includes BMW, Ford, Neo, Nissan, Volkswagen, WheelerAnd the jelly / ziker. The company now has its mark in autonomous driving in Paris, France; Munich, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; New York City, New York, USA; And in other places.

Image courtesy of Argo AI.

2. Argo AI launches fully automated driverless robotics service in Austin in collaboration with Lyft. This service area adds to the Argo AI robotics service in Miami, Florida, which just launched in December. The cost, for now, is the same if people book a regular Lyft. app [enables] Customers to open the car doors, start the ride and contact customer support. This may seem strange at first, especially since there will actually be two people sitting in the driver and passenger seats observing the ride for safety reasons.”

3. Waymo App Just Launched The Waymo الوصول Access Network. Waymo has focused on serving people with disabilities well for years, but this formalizes their commitment to people with disabilities. “The Waymo Accessibility Network brings together disability advocates who are engaged in the mission of improving access, mobility and safety in our communities. Through the network, Waymo will engage directly with organizations that support people of all ages with physical, visual, cognitive and sensory disabilities. Members include both national advocates and organizations A community nonprofit serving the cities in which Waymo One operates. […]

“We are pleased to announce that the inaugural 13 members of the Waymo Accessibility Network include national nonprofits American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), National Federation of the BlindAnd the United Spine SocietyAnd the National Multiple Sclerosis SocietyAnd the American Epilepsy FoundationAnd the Blind Veterans AssociationAnd the combined cerebral palsy and the American Council of the Blind; Based in San Francisco LightHouse for the Blind and Visually ImpairedAnd the Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco And the Self-help for the elderly; Based in Arizona Blind Children Foundation And the Seniors Foundation. “

We actually have a lot to write home about in the self-driving car space. Look forward to the coming days. However, it seemed wise to quickly summarize these three stories before jumping into weeds on certain techniques and programs.


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