5 healthy aging tips for a long life from a longevity expert

Most of us hope to grow old and live well Long life. And while researchers have long believed that a person’s longevity is determined primarily by genetics and family history, experts are beginning to discover that there are many pieces to the puzzle.

Search It is now shown that other factors such as the environment, Lifestyle ChoicesSocioeconomic status, mental health, and society are just some of the things that can affect your life apart from genetics. Obviously some of these factors are more impossible or harder to control than others, so we wanted to know more about the factors we deal with. Can control.

That’s why we talked to Michael Roizen, MDauthor Great Age Reboot and founder Restart your life Program for his best practice tips for longevity. Read on, for more healthy aging 6 best breakfast habits to slow down aging.

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According to Dr. Roizen, not enough people realize that their everyday situations and choices can make a difference to their longevity.

“The biggest mistake is thinking that your choices don’t make a difference, but making healthy choices early and consistently allows you to enjoy good health and a longer life,” Roizen says.

It also suggests that the way you think can change the genes in your body. “We know from a lot of data since The Human Genetic Code Project Completed control over 80% of whether your genes are turned on and producing proteins or if they are turned off and Not making proteins.

Other research He found similar results suggesting that your brain and thinking patterns can alter your genes. This is why, in the words of Dr. Roizen, “You are a genetic engineer for your health.”

Of course, the power of positive thinking alone won’t guarantee longevity for everyone, but the point is that your state of mind affects your physical health, so having a positive mindset is a great place to start when it comes to aging in a healthy way.

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“Food is a relationship like marriage — you should only eat food that loves you back,” Dr. Roizen says. While this depends on your unique needs, Dr. Roizen provides some examples of great foods that last. Try drinking your black coffee without cream or sweeteners, brew it through a filter, and enjoy things like EVOOAnd the avocadoAnd the salmonAnd the blueberry. “

If you look at blue areaswhich are regions around the world with the highest concentrations of centenarians, you’ll see Healthy food It is a large component of the longevity equation. Although each region has its own specialties and local delicacies, some patterns and associations emerge—the typical diet in blue regions tends to be high in fiber, healthy fats, plant foods (think: lots of fruits and vegetables), and low in processed foods.

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according to US newsFasting is a way to reap the benefits of fasting without having to stop eating. The five-day “fast” can be performed once a month for three months (and during those five days, you must consume At least 70 ounces of water in a day).

Since this is a very specific method of fasting, it is essential to speak with your doctor before trying it. But Dr. Roizen suggests that for some, a so-called fasting-mimicking diet may be beneficial for longevity.

“You can help regenerate your telomeres (which are DNA structures vital to the cell aging process) by following a diet that mimics fasting for five days each month,” he says. “This requires a low-protein, low-carb, simple diet of about 1,000 calories per day. Day 1, 750 calories for the next 4 days, then back to Mediterranean diet On the sixth day.

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According to Dr. Roizen, it is also important to focus on brain health As you get older.

“You want to train your brain for speed. Two studies found that people aged 70 to 75 who played speed-processing games for only 18 hours over a 10-year period had a 25 percent greater risk of developing dementia over those 10 years.” Roizen says.

Another similar study, which was published in Scientific Reports, used cognitive mobile games (CMGs) to analyze scores of 60- to 80-year-olds. Among the participants, those who played CMGs improved their results after 100 sessions.

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Dr. Roizen adds that managing your stress levels, finding your purpose, and being part of your community are all important aspects of increasing longevity and living a longer life. One Harvard study Until I found that being in the community and feeling happy may be more important to your longevity than your genes.

The researchers found that these traits are not only practiced in every area of ​​the blue zone, but are also highly regarded. According to Blue Zone research published in American Journal of Lifestyle MedicineThese areas practice “changing the pace” to reduce stress, which can look like meditation, prayer moments, happy hour with friends, afternoon naps, or visits with neighbors.

In Okinawa, Japan (one of the Five Blue Zones), people value society through moai, or circles of lifelong friends; In Nicoya, Costa Rica, they appreciate pan de vida, or purpose of living. At first glance, you might not think that these practices can contribute to a longer life, but experts say they play an important role.

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