Analysis of iPhone 14 pre-order lead times shows exactly what Apple was hoping for

Investment house Morgan Stanley has a new analyst covering Apple named Eric Wooding. After conducting an analysis of current lead times, Woodring issued a note to clients of Morgan Stanley. Lead time measures how long it will take you to receive the product you ordered from the moment you place your order. In this case, the lead times tracked by Woodring are those of all new iPhone 14 models, both Pro and non-Pro.

New Apple analyst at Morgan Stanley reveals iPhone 14 Pro pre-sales are exactly what Apple expected

Analyst note posted by Camel In it, the new Apple analyst at Morgan Stanley notes that the iPhone 14 Pro Max lead time in the states is the longest of any Apple product in the past six years (released in a similar number of days after its unveiling). Apple’s most premium iPhone model has an average lead time of 36.5 days. That’s a week longer than the iPhone 14 Pro’s 29.5-day lead time, the third longest in the past six years, and equal to last year’s iPhone 13 Pro lead time and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Besides seeing strong demand for the new iPhone 14 Pro line in the world’s third largest smartphone market, Apple has helped crack website servers in the world’s top smartphone market, China. There, more than two million iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max pre-orders were placed in the first 24 hours after phone pre-orders opened.

Apparently, consumers listen to those who are calling apple To make some changes only to the iPhone 14 non-Pro model that became the entry level unit this year with the disappearance of the iPhone mini. With a six-day lead time, you can compare the numbers and see the difference. How much can you owe Dynamic Island for the massive demand for Pro models? No doubt Apple had this little trick up their sleeve and it somehow didn’t leak.
Woodring (you know, the new Apple analyst at Morgan Stanley) didn’t have a deadline for the iPhone 14 Plus that would be the battery champ in the lineup according to Apple. That’s because the 6.7-inch non-Pro model won’t ship until October 7th compared to tomorrow for the other three phones.

Apple planned to “lead gently” for consumers to buy more expensive iPhone 14 Pro models for obvious reasons

Keep in mind that while it’s fun looking at lead times (not compiling it is fun), they are based on factors other than just consumer demand. The supply chain plays an important role in product lead time as does the ability to ship products quickly to consumers. In the case of the iPhone 14 lineup, particularly the way Apple has made Pro units more desirable than non-Pro phones, we can say that the numbers are largely indicative of overall demand.

Pre-order iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Look, this is not a surprise. We’ve said time and time again that when you only put your latest and greatest chip in Pro models, put your best cameras in the most expensive units, and even replace the notch only in higher-priced phones, you’re going to sell more expensive phones no matter the high price tag. It’s been a great strategy by Apple and there are many who don’t like it, but that doesn’t make it any less smart.

As for Morgan Stanley Woodring, he’s a stock analyst after all, so he has a $180 target price for Apple shares. That was lowered after the last earnings report was published in July which it described as a “weaker-than-expected quarter”. Apple shares have been trading sideways over the past six months after dropping $1.99, or 0.9%, in the latter half of the year. The stock is now at $153.58, down $1.75 today.

Over the past 52 weeks, the high was $182.94 and the low was $129.04. Woodring Apple is calling to trade with a profit of 29 times, a number currently at 25.37.

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