Autumn brings accelerated decline in fiber markets

market chart symbolRecovered fiber prices fell this month, with OCC values ​​halving and mixed paper slipping into negative territory for the first time in more than two years.

National average price of Corrugated Containers (PS 11) Down from $78 a ton Last month to a current average of $40 a ton, compared to $169 a ton at the same time last year.

OCC, one of the most important commodities in the pavement mix, has been declining since July, when the price was $131 per ton. Since then, every month has brought worse and worse news for MRFs. The price decreased by 13%, 32% and 49% in August, September and October, respectively.

Some analysts see Carton demand, which affects the value of recovered fiber, as a rough measure of general economic conditions. OCC أسعار prices He also collapsed into position To the Great Recession 2007-09.

Another important degree due to a large proportion in the pavement mix, Mixed Paper (PS 54), it feels worse pain and is now a cost to MRFs, not a source of income. mixed paper It fell from $18 a ton to minus $1 a ton. That’s compared to $95 a ton at the same time last year. The last time mixed papers had a negative value was in April 2020 – at that point, they had been negative for over a year.

Again, as with the OCC, the drop of mixed paper was remarkably fast. As recently as July, it was $69 per ton. Then the price fell 36%, 59% and 106% in August, September and October, respectively.

Residential Classified Papers (PS 56) It also dropped significantly, from $82 to $35 a ton. That’s compared to $116 a tonne one year ago. Like OCC papers and mixed papers, residential grade papers have experienced a sharp decline since July.

Classified Office Papers (PS 37) It remained flat, at $241 a ton, compared to an average of $165 a year ago.

UBCs have also declined over the past month. The national average price for sorting and packing aluminum cans Now 67.75 cents a pound, compared to 73.31 cents last month. This substance traded at an average of 81.13 cents per pound this time last year.

arranged and tied steel cans It held steady month to month, averaging $188 a ton. The price was $249 a ton a year ago.

There was a bit of good news in the plastic. price PET Beverage Bottles & Jars This month it came in at around 13% per cent. The average PET price is now 8.50 cents a pound, compared to 7.53 cents a pound this time last month. Some areas are still trading as high as 12.00 cents a pound, with most offered as low as 7.00 cents. PET was trading at 22.78 cents a year ago.

The national average post-consumer price Natural high density polyethylene (HDPE) Also high, at an average of 44.56 cents a pound. That’s compared to 39.50 cents last month. The price was 104.25 cents this time last year.

HDPE color Slightly higher, it is now trading at 6.41 cents a pound, compared to 6.16 cents this time last month. It averaged 54.00 cents a year ago.

Polypropylene (B) However, prices have fallen a bit over the past month. PP is trading at 5.38 cents a pound, down from 8.31 cents last month, or a 35% decline. PP was 32.69 cents one year ago.

National average price A first class movie It is also down, now at 19.50 cents a pound, compared to 20.75 last month and 20.63 cents a year ago.

B . class film 6.94 cents, compared to 7.00 a month ago.

Class C . movie It remains steady at 0.94 cents a pound.

These prices are mentioned in the Secondary Materials Price Index (SMP). This price represents what is paid for post-consumer recyclables in packed and sorted form, picked up at most major recycling centers.

For a free trial of SMP’s online Post Consumer Price Index, visit Recycling Markets website. You can also contact Christina Bolanger Bosley in [email protected] or 330-956-8911.

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