Black Friday Golf Deals Live: Huge discounts available on clubs, technology and more


We’re just a few hours away from the official start of Black Friday. Be sure to check out the links above and below to keep up to date with the latest offers as they are released.

Nike at a discount of 25% from the site

For the Nike fans out there, Nike has it right now 25% off sitewide now (Opens in a new tab)And not just in golf. But for the golfers out there, there are polo shirts, T-shirts, t-shirts, shoes and many more accessories to choose from.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoe Review

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More package offers for you

Are you a beginner golfer? Or do you know someone who is trying to get into the game? The Bundle Pack is a great way to tick a lot of boxes in terms of clubs and golf bag. Fortunately, there are many good deals currently on offer and below are some of our top picks.

Apple flight discounts

A quick step away from golf (or maybe we can find a golf app for those two?), but there are great deals on the Apple Watch SE ($130 off) and Apple Airpods ($20 off). If you want Apple products, now is the time to strike.


As usual on Black Friday, Garmin deals are everywhere and there are tons of golf watches on offer. The S10, S12 and S60 are three of the best we’ve seen as you can see below, with up to £150 off.

25% off the road at Rock Bottom Stadium

I just got an email flying into my inbox saying 25% off Rock Bottom Golf sitewide (Opens in a new tab). In my experience, the retailer has a lot of deals and it looks like it’s sticking around in 2022, especially on electronics.

Big discounts on Tailormade bags

There are a number of discounted TaylorMade golf bags at the moment including cart and stand models. We’ve noticed that these sell out fairly quickly in select colors, so we don’t expect them to be around for long.

Up to 70% off at Adidas

If you’re a fan of the 3-Stripes, head to Adidas like in the US, you can do just that 70% off on the official website (Opens in a new tab)while in the UK this is just 50% off select golf products (Opens in a new tab). I’m a big Adidas guy (as you can see below) and the brand has got some excellent products on offer at the moment, such as the new 360 round 22 (Opens in a new tab) And the Codechaos shoes (Opens in a new tab)And also new clothes.

By the way, the jacket pictured here is also shown, 45% off (Opens in a new tab).

Adidas Rain Rdy 2022 Jacket review

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Large quantities of package deals

If you need to work on your situation, it’s time to invest in a coaching aid. PuttOUT has a slew of good deals on Amazon right now, from the Pressure Putt Trainer, to the Studio bundles. We’ve been fans for a while, and the products have always tested well for us, so we’re confident you’ll love them, too.


I apologize to everyone, I realized that I did not introduce myself. I’m Sam Tremlett, Senior Staff Writer for Golf Monthly and I love the deal. Most importantly I oversee a lot of the reviews and equipment content on the website and know what is a good deal and what is not.

24 balls for less than £1 a ball

Yes you read that correctly. At this moment you can get it 24 TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls for £22.99 (Opens in a new tab). So with a deal like that you might think balls are rubbish but they sure are not. I actually tested these balls back in May and they got 4 stars. While better players may want to look elsewhere in terms of short game feel, this ball will suit plenty of golfers who want solid performance with good value.

Read full TaylorMade RBZ Soft 2022 ball review (Opens in a new tab)

taylormade rbx soft

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In case you missed it yourself

So there have been a number of deals in the UK that have been in place for a few days now, and we’ve been creating posts to highlight them. So in case you missed it, Golf Monthly’s shoe expert Dan Parker took note One of his favorite shoes this year has been lowered (Opens in a new tab). The shoe in question is the Puma pictured below and they’re 30% off in a number of colors and sizes. He just nodded his approval in the post and he’s also currently watching the Detroit Lions lose to the Buffalo Bills by the way, a true Thanksgiving tradition.

Top tips for Black Friday

1. First things first, identify the holes in your golf setup. Then you can buy accordingly because there are deals on just about every piece of golf equipment you can think of.

2. Use trusted retailers and brands. There are a lot of random websites and retailers that offer products that are not very good. So we recommend sticking with brands you know and trust, and using us as a guide to what’s a good deal and what’s not.

3. Don’t panic buy. What I mean here, is when you see a deal, be sure to go to some of the other retailers and see how they are priced elsewhere.

Deals are still to come in the USA

If you’re stumped as to how many golf deals there are in the US right now, at retailers like Amazon (Opens in a new tab)And the Walmart (Opens in a new tab) Or Best Buy, fret not. We expect most of them to start running on Friday. But for now, here are three of our favourites.

Group package deals start in the United States

First, check out this great bundle bundle offer, on some of the most popular bundle bundles currently on the market.

We have reviewed Men’s And the for women groups as well.

Hey, if you’ve decided to stop watching the World Cup for a moment, this is the place to find the latest and best Black Friday golf deals.

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