Boston College Football vs. Clemson: Conversation with Tiger Shaken’s Blog The Southland

As Boston College honors Welles Crowther with its annual Red Bandana game, the team prepares for its toughest test yet against #5 Clemson. Our friend Ryan Kantor in Shakin Southland He gave us his thoughts on the match.

1. After consecutive victories against ranked opponents, there is definitely some momentum behind this Tigers team. Do you feel like CFP or bust to them? How do you feel about the team?

RK: I went into this season hoping to beat our main competitors (NCSU, FSU, U of SC) and reclaim our place at the top of the ACC. I think that should still be the goal, but with the 5-0 start and the way Louisville, Miami, Notre Dame, and the U of SC struggled, losing more than one match left could seem like bankruptcy. Clemson would probably make the playoff 12-1, so I suppose you could actually say it’s CFP or bankruptcy, but fans’ minds are more focused on the ACC at the moment.

2. Clemson’s offense has been improved a lot since last season, and of course DJ Uiagalelei’s transformation was a big part of that. Did he prove that his suffering from the past year is behind him? Who is another weapon on this team to watch out for?

RK: Yeah, at this point he’s second in the ACC in passing yards and has a 19-1 TD-to-INT ratio. He’s also been a very effective runner thanks to weight loss that TV presenters love to discuss at length. He’s in the best shape of his life and all the other sports cliches you’d want to use in a great player bounce back.

Will Shipley’s jogging is a stud. His numbers aren’t crazy, but Clemson’s O line is better at protecting a pass than blocking a run, so his yardage is well deserved. He’s an amazing talent. A welcome change to the crime was the involvement of hard-line parties. Davis Allen and Jake Brenningstuhl have been excellent and have appeared more offensively than any tight ends over the past five years.

3. Zee Flowers is clearly the driving force behind this Boston College crime. Who do you see drawing the match with? What would Clemson look like to contain it?

RK: If you watch Clemson in Wake Forest The game, I saw first-class wide receivers burn Clemson’s defensive back. The karate looked a lot better against her North Carolina, which is evidence of their position and coexistence. Sheridan Jones is the top full-back and has missed the last two games. Provided he comes back, I imagine he’ll start in the back corner and cover the Zee flowers. If not, I’d expect the safe Andrew Mokoba to turn into the back corner and try to slow the Zee flowers down.

Against Wake Forest, DC Wes Goodwin chose plenty of man-to-man defense, which was clearly a bad one. Against NC State, they used more Cover 2 and put less pressure on their quarterbacks. Goodwin probably won’t return to heavy man use, but it’s a (unwelcome) possibility if Sheridan Jones does.

4. British Columbia’s offensive streak was poor to start the season. How is the front 7 lined up in Clemson?

RK: Clemson’s D streak had a slightly disappointing start to the season. They have dealt with a lot of injuries, but they may finally be healthy for BC. Even without DT Bryan Bresee and DE Xavier Thomas, they looked much better against NC State. The full-backs behind them are excellent and have been the strength of the defense. LB Trenton Simpson is an anticipated first draft and Barrett Carter might be a sophomore of just as good.

5. How does Clemson win this game? Does BC even have a chance?

RK: Clemson only needs his defense to get off the field and attack to avoid ridiculous coups. If Boston College can convert a lot of third points and have a long lead creating a game with low possession, the score is closer to 50-50. Throw in a shocking spin and an explosive play or two and things can quickly get suspicious. BC needs to control acquisition time while also finding Zay Flowers for some big plays. That’s a point of major disappointment after a big win over North Carolina State. The Clemson Center team should take care of the business. We’ll see if they focus.

Thanks to Shakin the Southland for their time. Check their page over here – Questions and answers with them will appear on their site soon!

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