Brendan Fraser fights back tears as The Whale gets a big hit at TIFF

clearly emotional Brendan Fraser She resisted tears as “WhaleReceived a warm welcome at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere on Sunday. The crowd stood for about five minutes until festival organizers calmed down to applause to begin a question-and-answer session with Fraser, director Darren Aronofsky, writer Samuel D. Hunter, and cast members Sadie Sink and Ty Simpkins. The reception was One of the strongest reception yet at this year’s festival, a gathering that included the premieres of Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans” and “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.”

The Whale stars Fraser as Charlie, an obese man who struggles to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter. Fraser told audiences at TIFF that he hopes the film will inspire more empathy in the people who watch it.

“You have to be an incredibly strong individual to be that guy,” Fraser said. “Because at the end of the day I could take the device off, and while I felt dizzy, something about it stayed with me…I learned that when you invest everything you can and give it what you got like it’s the first and last time, something important can come out of it. And I think with your help we might be able to change some hearts and minds.”

TIFF is set to be a big festival for Fraser even before the critically acclaimed “The Whale” show. The actor received a TIFF Tribute Award for Performance at the 2022 festival, with TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey saying, “Brendan Fraser delivers an incredible performance in depth, power, and nuance in The Whale. This former Torontonian was an action movie star, and screen comedy, And a romantic hero. We’re thrilled to welcome him home as the actor behind one of the year’s best shows.”

The supporting cast also includes Hong Chao and Samantha Morton. The film is based on the play of the same name by Hunter, who adapted the theatrical script into Aronofsky’s feature. The director worked for a decade to make the movie, but he couldn’t find the right person to resurrect Charlie.

It’s an emotionally and technically demanding role, and I’ve thought of pretty much every actor on the planet and nothing has clicked,” Aronofsky said. That changed after he saw a trailer for a low-budget movie featuring Fraser, an opportunity that sparked something deep in the director.

He added, “From that moment on, I knew we had found Charlie, and I never doubted him for a second.”

A major star of the ’90s and early ’90s, Fraser has been moving away from the studio system in recent years. The movie “Whale” could revive his career, just as another Aronofsky movie, 2008’s The Gladiator, led to a resurgence of Mickey Rourke. Aronofsky was asked about the similarities.

“Hungry actors are critical, because these roles are really tough,” he said. “You just have to find the actor at the right time in his career who is ready to work hard.”

The film kicked off at the Venice Film Festival, where it was met with a standing ovation for six minutes that left Fraser in tears. The actor even tried to leave the Venice theater at one point, but the flowing applause was so loud that he stayed longer and began to bow. diverse Books from Venice That “Whale” “will likely put Fraser at the forefront of this year’s Best Actor Oscar race.”

To play the main character in the film, Fraser relied on prosthetics and spent up to six hours in a makeup chair each day to fully transform into the character.

“I developed muscles I didn’t know I had,” Fraser He told reporters At a press conference in Venice about wearing a prosthetic suit. “I even got dizzy at the end of the day when I had all the hardware removed; it was like getting off the pier on a boat in Venice. [sense of] crispy. She gave me appreciation for those whose bodies are the same. You need to be an incredibly strong person, both mentally and physically, to live in this physical being.”

in review it “Whale” outside Venice, diverse Principal film critic Owen Gleiberman described Fraser as “Slayer, more subtle, more frightening than he’s ever been”, adding that he delivers “an intensely vivid and moving performance”.

A24 The Whale will be released in theaters December 9.

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