Carrie Ann Inaba posts emotional appeal as ‘Dancing with the Stars’ protesting move to Disney+

Dancing with the stars Judge Carrie Ann Inaba She keeps her fingers crossed so that the old fans of the competition will still be there when the show moves on Disney + This fall.

On August 3, the former ABC personality made a plea for fans to follow the show to the streaming service as it opened Her Facebook page About “taking a break from social media”. At the end of her frank post, a former talking co-host Included a quick note teasing the new season of Dancing with the stars Back on September 19 on its new platform. Note. As we approach season 31 of Dancing with the stars On Disney Plus, get ready for some fun stuff. After this period of time, I will be completely refreshed and ready to go! lol. Big hugs and lots of love” I wrote.

But unfortunately, he mentioned the contest offer Historic move From ABC to Disney+ it hasn’t been well received by everyone — and Carrie Ann hasn’t shrugged off the comments.

After reading fan comments on her initial Facebook post, which was filled with encouraging words and stories about personal journeys, Carey shared her gratitude in a follow-up post. Furthermore, she acknowledged other comments about viewers who publicly shared that they would not follow through.

“I am sad to hear so many people say they will not join us [Dancing With the Stars] this chapter,” I wrote On August 4, “We’ve always been family for a long time… all of us, the dancers, the hosts, the judges, the production team, the creators, the poetry and [makeup] The stylists, lighting, web design…and you. “

Carey continued, “I hope you keep in touch with us. I’ll be posting a lot of content from my social media sites, so I hope it helps you stay connected. Family Forever. #Dancing With The Stars.”

In response to her honest words, people have shared their honest messages about what it will be like for them in the absence of the new season, with the Mirrorball champion Alfonso Ribeiro As a new co-host along Tyra.

Also wishing you the best. I watched DWTS from day one. I won’t be signing up for Disney+ which is very disappointing and very sad. I will miss him so much and I think he will miss a lot [longtime] Viewers,” one wrote. Another added, “I am so happy for you that you are on such a beautiful journey, but this will be the end for many of us from the DWTS family.” “I’ve watched since day one. This will be the first season I’m not watching. And it breaks my heart… I hope to see a lot of clips and stuff on the internet. Hope you have a great season, Carrie Ann! ‘ said a different fan.

back in April, Limit I exclusively reported a renewal Dancing with the stars For two more seasons with the show moving to Disney+. Since then, the broadcast platform has confirmed Dancing with the stars The new season will air 31 episodes on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET with no commercials. Curry is set to return to the judges panel alongside him Lynn GoodmanAnd the Bruno Tonioli And the Derek Hough.

“It’s a little different,” I told e! News In June it switched to Disney+. “I think the difference is maybe the live vote across the country. Maybe there will be some things that will come along with the scripts that I think people will like. People don’t always like change, but I think they will adapt.”

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