Oil production cuts are on the table before Russia sanctions

OPEC+, a group of 23 oil producing countries led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, will meet on Sunday to decide on the next phase of production policy. bloomberg | bloomberg | Getty Images Oil producers from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and beyond may impose deeper cuts in oil production on Sunday, energy … Read more

One of us is a millionaire and the other is a care worker. The cruel division between rich and poor disgusts us alike. | Julia Davies and Wensome Hill

Julia Davis is a member of the National Millionaires Campaign Group We are both from very different worlds. One of us is a millionaire investor and the other is a care worker and union member. We have very different experiences with the economy, but we share the core belief that it is broken – and … Read more

India to jump into the third largest economy by 2030

A beautiful and colorful aerial view of the Mumbai skyline during twilight seen from Currie Road, on February 16, 2022 in Mumbai, India. Prateek Chorgi | Hindustan Times | Getty Images India is set to overtake Japan and Germany to become the third largest economy in the world, according to the Standard & Poor’s Worldwide … Read more

Corporate profits hit a record in the third quarter amid the highest inflation in 40 years

Corporate earnings in the non-financial sector hit a record $2.08 trillion in the third quarter even as 40-year-old inflation continued to put pressure on American consumers. Earnings adjusted for inventories and capital consumption rose $6.1 trillion from the second quarter to the third fiscal quarter, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday, continuing a steep recovery from … Read more

Europe’s anti-American itch – Politico

Click play to listen to this article expressed by artificial intelligence. BERLIN – It’s getting cold in Europe, and so is the economy cisterns And the citizens get it Insomnia. There is only one answer: Blame America. Signaling across the Atlantic has long been a favorite diversionary tactic for Europe’s political elites when things start … Read more

US consumer confidence fell again in November

New YorkAnd the November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Conference Board consumer confidence index® fell in November after also losing ground in October. The index now stands at 100.2 (1985 = 100), down from 102.2 in October. The current status indicator– based on consumers’ assessment of current business and labor market conditions – fell to 137.4 … Read more

Here’s an interesting element that suggests that China may soon abandon its non-coronavirus policy

I’m sure you all remember this guy – he was an editor at the Global Times until recently and was very attached to the leadership of China. These two tweets from him overnight: This first tweet seems very specific. “She is no longer afraid.” “It may come out….faster than expected.” It seems to me that … Read more

Amid fears of layoffs and a recession, good news for workers

Many companies are looking to retain or even add employees (file) The global economy is faltering, and some of the world’s biggest names are already laying off thousands of employees. But there is a glimmer of good news: This time around, workers have a better than usual chance of keeping their jobs in the event … Read more