Top 5 Visual Time Management Apps

Time management can be a difficult task to do. Displaying events as regular tiles in a grid-like calendar can be a tedious way to approach things, and it’s not for everyone. These apps give you insights into your time management habits, accompanied by visual statistics, so you can better understand how you spend your time. … Read more

Great ambition as business schools launch satellite programmes

Space has not traditionally been a destination for enjoying delicious food. Without gravity to help clear the sinuses, astronauts are left with a dulled sense of taste. But in BI Norwegian Business School In Oslo, assistant professor of marketing Carlos Velasco and his colleagues are developing more hearty meals for space travelers. “Space captured my … Read more

A less risky path to entrepreneurial success

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. by: Davis Smith And the Trenton Smith Most startup companies fail. According to the 2019 Startup Genome Report, 92% of startups fail. Surprisingly, only 4% of companies in the United States exceed $1 million in annual revenue, and only 0.6% reach $10 million in revenue, to me US Census … Read more

These investors support the founders of Generation Z to build a better tomorrow

From tech startups focused on gaming to companies focused on sexual and reproductive health, young investors under 30 in 2023 are putting their money to work in companies built by and for immigrants, people of color, and their LGBTQ+ peers. by Alex ConradAnd the Maria Gracia Santillana Linares And the Elizabeth Brier For David Brillimburg … Read more

Meet the Forbes Under 30 Class of 2023

Young leaders and entrepreneurs in the twelfth year Forbes The 30 Under 30 list provides plenty of reason to believe that tomorrow will be even brighter than today. warr. inflation. market crash. Layoffs. In a terrible year marked by upsides, one thing remains constant: tomorrow’s brightest young leaders are turning to entrepreneurship to solve the … Read more

Startups to Innovations – Nehru’s BJP India’s BJP India’s Scientific Temperament is Growing, Not Collapsing

DrDr. Hoodbhoy’s permission, I am an avid reader of your articles and admire your clear thinking and clear writing. Your unrelenting advocacy for countries to develop scientific temperament is of great importance, not only to Pakistan, but to all developing countries seeking to increase the prosperity of their citizens. I have read your recent article … Read more

Scottsdale-based Kidstop is gearing up for the Small Business Show on Saturday

Scottsdale, AZ — Kate Tanner can tell you all about the latest gaming trends, though she’s hesitant to specifically say which games are the most popular. “So this isn’t a ‘cool toy,’ because sometimes this ‘cool toy’ doesn’t get Head Toy Expert approval. That’s the neatest thing about Kidstop,” Tanner said. “You can come here … Read more