Entrepreneurship, disability, and the future of capital markets

The role of disability in business leadership ranks is a fairly new concept, but an important one … [+] One for the growth of any organization wishing to compete in this new economy. GT This week marks the upcoming observance of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This is a day that … Read more

Airbnb is targeting a larger share of the multi-family market with a plan to attract top landlords

Airbnb is working with some of the top landlords in the multi-family industry in an effort to boost listings and increase share of the apartment business. The San Francisco-based home-sharing company has unveiled a service that will serve as an existing platform for developers including Greystar Real Estate Partners, Equity Residential and at least 10 … Read more

Correct sizing of the mortgage market is in full swing. When will normal life return?

Relief from the rate-driven volume reduction that has plagued the primary and secondary mortgage markets is expected to be out of reach for some time to come, at least in terms of any rolling push to refinance. This is according to David Petrosinelli, a senior New York trader with Insphere Xa technology-driven underwriting and securities … Read more

factory activity in China at the lowest reading since April; Asian markets are mixed

Bitcoin briefly surpasses $17,000 to its highest level since mid-November Bitcoin briefly surpassed $17,000 in the morning Asian session for the first time since mid-November. bitcoin It increased by 2.2% over the previous 24 hours, according to currency metrics It was last traded at $16,863.07 per coin. ether It also rose, up 4.74% in the … Read more

Hong Kong shares jumped more than 3% ahead of China’s Covid briefing

Pinpoint Asset Management expects a positive message to be delivered in the China Covid briefing China’s State Council is expected to send a positive message at the upcoming Covid press conference, but the announcement will not include a “milestone,” said Pinpoint Asset Management president Zhiwei Zhang. “I think the message will actually be positive… there … Read more

All the world’s money and markets in one vision (2022)

Visualize FTX’s balance sheet before bankruptcy In a tough year for a cryptocurrency space that was riddled with hacks, failed funds, and decentralized stablecoins hitting zero, nothing can compare to the rapid implosion of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). After an astronomical rise in the cryptocurrency space over the past three years, cryptocurrency exchange FTX … Read more

Hong Kong stocks led losses in Asia due to Chinese unrest, and oil is at a low in 2022

‘Not at all’ easy to shift production of Zhengzhou China’s latest Pro iPhone: Analyst Martin Yang, senior emerging technologies analyst at investment firm Oppenheimer, told CNBC that it is “not easy at all” to shift production of the latest Pro iPhones from the Zhengzhou factory as workers’ revolt against China’s no-Covid policy damages supply chains. … Read more

What do you know this week

Investors Back from Thanksgiving break You’ll face a flood of economic data next week as Wall Street heads into the final month of 2022 and prepares for the last Fed rate hike of the year. The government’s monthly employment report, housing market data, second look at GDP growth, personal consumption expenditures inflation, and consumer confidence … Read more