Six things to do immediately after you calm down

Looking to tighten their belts and curb their budgets, corporate America is in a slash-jobs mindset these days, as some of America’s largest groups are furloughed by thousands of workers. meta (meta) – Get a free reportFacebook, formerly known as Facebook, laid off 11,000 employees in the second week of November. Twitter’s new boss, Elon … Read more

10 easy-to-use personal finance tech tools

Personal finance is an intricate part of life. For example, you can’t just take your income, subtract the expenses, and see what’s left. Surely, this is where it begins. But there are a myriad of subtle additional elements that also factor into a healthy budget and an effective wealth generation strategy. Thus, it helps immeasurably … Read more

Know Your Money Personality – Terry Savage

Instead of focusing on the wild swings of the stock market, this is the perfect time to look inward and understand your personal reaction to the headlines. The stock market has certainly made headlines in recent weeks. Instead of the October bear market, there was a dramatic rally. But the real headlines are often made … Read more

Interview with the CEO who created the rewards system for tenants

Smart credit card users already know that there is a whole game to play with how to get the best rewards from them. From free flights to cash-back options, cards can offer a lot of perks that can make your life a little (or a lot) easier. However, one advantage that didn’t exist before was … Read more

Financial guru Dave Ramsey Weighs in on FTX Collapse – Reiterates His Crypto Warning – Featured Bitcoin News

Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey weighed in on the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX. “I told you so,” he said over and over again, repeating his long-standing advice that investors should not invest their money in cryptocurrencies. Dave Ramsey on Bitcoin, Crypto, and FTX Collapse Personal financial guru and CEO of Ramsey Solutions, Dave Ramsey, … Read more