Broth Grift won from Kate Berlant late night this week

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube We’re bringing up some late-night shows this week, thanks Thanksgiving. Some shows take off the week before, and some shows take off the week after. Seth Meyers always puts on a show on Thanksgiving night starring his entire family. This year, his father tested positive for COVID, which led to his … Read more

The loss of HLN marked the end of companion television

Here’s Media Winter again, and it’s getting ugly. It seems as if every news giant is shrinking by 2023 through year-end layoffs, hiring freezes, or Dickensian austerity. Text threads and Slack channels are filled with goodbyes and expressions of uncertainty about the future. Industry veterans will tell you they expected these cuts around Christmas time. … Read more

Adani bought Hindi’s NDTV in a blow to independent media

nDelhi Television, or NDTV, began as a weekly bulletin in 1989, relaying news from around the world to Doordarshan, India’s public broadcaster broadcast on the television inside every home. It quickly grew to become India’s first and largest private network, producing news, current affairs and entertainment for a largely English-speaking Indian audience. Since it was … Read more

It’s a very happy Bonkers Christmas movie

screenshot: Disney I do not know why Muppets I love Christmas so much, but they sure do. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and his expanded Muppet cast of characters have made nearly a dozen holiday specials, along with a TV feature film and a theatrical film. The latter is A Muppet Christmas CarolOne of the … Read more

Mark Burnett Leaves as President of MGM Worldwide TV – The Hollywood Reporter

Mark BurnettAnd the MGMChairman of the Board of Directors of the Global Television Group, leaving the company following the acquisition of the studio by Amazon. Indeed, the executive producer said he was moving away from the “day-to-day management” of MGM Television and returning to “independently creating and innovating” and plans to continue overseeing his legacy … Read more