Hundreds of Colorado elk wear GPS collars, hunting cows to control them, while CPW fights to reverse the herd’s decline.

Colorado wildlife managers are galvanizing efforts to reverse elk decline in the southwestern quadrant of the state by controlling hunting and protecting wild habitats, with the goal of increasing calf survival amid severe droughts and development. And the Colorado Parks and Wildlife teams are launching an unprecedented statewide elk-spotting program. They will collect “several hundred” … Read more

Indian Zoos: The Seeds of Wildlife Conservation

I’ll start with a quote from my best friend Jane Goodall (Which I have never met, of course). Her message to the Anti-Zoo Brigade was that in these times on the brink, it is important, more than ever, to educate children about the importance of wildlife. And nothing, not even the best TV shows and … Read more

People can learn to coexist with urban wildlife. Lincoln Park Zoo shows how.

Here in Chicago, many species of animals share our parks, beaches, golf courses, cemeteries, woodland reserves, and backyards. Our wildlife neighbors include birds, raccoons, bats, foxes, wolves, deer, insects, and yes, mice, and even some unexpected species like flying squirrels. They – and many others – are all part of the Chicago ecosystem. And the … Read more

When should a wildlife sighting be reported or encountered? – St. George News

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources advises the public when to report a wildlife encounter or sighting, location and date unspecified | Image courtesy DWR, St. George News Street. George – Utah’s growing population and associated expansion has increased the number of wildlife encounters across the state in recent years. However, not every encounter or … Read more

Field reports from Ohio Department of Wildlife officers[email protected]/ Central Ohio – premier wildlife area State wildlife officials John Kaufman and Matt Tedders, assigned to Fayette and Madison counties, respectively, have been notified that the landowner has located four beagles operating near the road. The landowner secured the dogs out of the way. Officer Coffman attempted to assign a number to the hunter … Read more

Wildlife officials are weighing new rules at Skyway Fishing Pier to reduce bird entanglement

Street. PETERSBURG — Florida wildlife officials are weighing new rules for hunters at Skyway Fishing Pier State Park after thousands of birds got stuck in fishing gear over the past two years. Since January 2021, at least 3,300 seabirds have required dock rescue after being tethered or wrapped in fishing gear at the popular fishing … Read more

Botswana to maximize the economic contribution of wildlife

Sign up View from Westminster email expert analysis straight to your inbox Get our free Westminster email offer By Keletsu Tobega for the Botswana Guardian New research recommends that increased investments in the wildlife economy would go a long way to boosting Botswana’s gross domestic product, improving the quality of livelihoods among people in both … Read more