China fines former NBA star Lin for his quarantine comments

Beijing – Former NBA star Jeremy Lin, who plays for a Chinese team, has been fined 10,000 yuan ($1,400) for criticizing quarantine facilities, ChinaThe professional league and Roundup said on Friday, as the government tries to halt protests against anti-virus controls that are among the world’s toughest. Also on Friday, more cities eased restrictions, allowing … Read more

The NBA Allows Sovereign Wealth Funds to Invest in Teams: What It Means and Why It’s Risky

The NBA It has once again expanded the pool of potential investors allowed to take stakes in its franchises, a league source confirmed the athlete Thursday. In particular, sovereign wealth funds can now buy a stake in an NBA team. Sportico was the first to report the news. Here’s what you need to know: The … Read more

Nets put the Wizards back behind Kevin Durant’s 39 points

Comment on this story Suspension NEW YORK – Cheers began in the first quarter and drifted down from the beams of Barclays Center: best player! best player! best player! The Brooklyn Nets had one on the floor Wednesday night; Washington Wizards they did not. This was the difference in the Nets’ 113-107 victory. Kevin Durant … Read more

Anthony Edwards needs to lead the Timberwolves in the absence of Carl Anthony Towns

Anthony Edwardspicture: Getty Images Rudy Gobert is the NBA fan’s favorite punching bag. Whenever something goes wrong on his team, he is the first person people blame. It could be because he’s French, or a whiner, or an overachiever, or overpaid—or all four—and that’s fine. You won’t hear me argue with a Minnesota Timberwolves fan … Read more

In the Warriors’ easy win over the Timberwolves, Jonathan Kuminga is a bright spot

These days, the sight of anything Timberwolves It seems to add a few inches to Andrew Wiggins’ vertical. In the opening seconds of an early Sunday afternoon game in Minneapolis, Wiggins went from blowing his hands into the half-court logo to smashing into a left-handed alley over Rudy GoubertOne of the greatest shot-blockers in the … Read more