Angeles Analysis – Black on Black Friday

Not a bad way to spend Black Friday, eh? Wearing their black jerseys on the road in honor of the holiday, the Los Angeles Kings defeated the California Seals, 5-2, in the final game last night. San Jose’s Reverse Retros looked pretty good, but weren’t good enough to stop the Kings from slipping 0-2-1, heading … Read more

NHL-style power ratings: Gomez Adams, David Pasternak, and Bruins dominate

I usually peruse Twitter and Instagram looking for one player, or maybe two, from every team in the league to create a fair and balanced ranking each week. Honestly, of course, some teams are way more stylish on a consistent basis, like the Kansas City Chiefs at NFL style ratings. It would be easy every … Read more

The Rangers are challenged to juggle a hungry Connor McDavid

If there’s one justification for the National Hockey League’s matrix schedule, in which every team plays home and away against all 16 non-conference opponents at the expense of in-conference rivalries and playoff races, it’s that the Oilers’ No. 97 will be on park ice this afternoon. Saturday. Yes, Connor McDavid will be in town to … Read more

Ricard Raquel has secured his place on the front row

Ron Hextall has been far from perfect in his first two years as general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and there have been some big mistakes thus far. But one move that has been terribly successful – so far – has been the addition of Rickard Raquel, and his presence in the top row alongside … Read more

Kreider scored twice in the third period in the Rangers victory over the Kings

Los Angeles — Chris Kreider Scored twice in the third period, and the New York Rangers staged their first multiplayer comeback of the season with a 5-3 win over the Los Angeles Kings at Arena on Tuesday. “For us to regroup, come back and put our feet on the gas, that’s definitely a good … Read more

How Luke Schenn Saved His NHL Career: “The Coaches Asked Me: Are You Retiring?”

The boos were deafening at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa as the Senators’ biggest rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs, took to the podium in the 2008 NHL Draft. Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher completed a trade with the New York Islanders just minutes before moving up to fifth place. . With chants of “Leafs suck” echoing throughout … Read more

New Jersey Devils franchise record with their 13th straight win

NEWARK, NJ — As the New Jersey Devils celebrated their 13th consecutive victory Monday night, a sold-out crowd stood to celebrate the moment. “I think the team deserves a standing ovation,” Devils coach Lindy Ruff said after his team’s 5-2 win over the Edmonton Oilers. “A tour like this is unbelievable.” The Devils previously won … Read more