Did the impressive stock performance of L’Air Liquide SA (EPA:AI) have anything to do with its fundamentals?

L’Air Liquide (EPA:AI) stock is up a notable 12% over the past three months. As most people know, long-term market price movements are usually driven by fundamentals, so we decided to take a look at the company’s key financial indicators today to determine if they have any role to play in the recent price movement. … Read more

Microsoft Entra gets new administrative portal, plus machine learning for access reviews – Redmondmag.com

News Microsoft Entra gets a new administrative portal, as well as machine learning for access reviews Microsoft has started rolling out a The new Microsoft Entra admin center portalalong with some other product improvements announced this week. In addition, users of the Microsoft Entra Identity Governance service get access to Machine learning support To inform … Read more

My Chubb Internship: A Machine Learning Journey – iSchool

My experience with data and machine learning began when I started the MSc Applied Data Science program at iSchool. I have formed a foundation in ML via chapters like Introduction to data scienceAnd the Applied machine learningAnd the Quantitative Reasoning for Data Science. This provided a foundation for everything I worked on during my internship. … Read more

SageMaker is backed by better controls and AI governance

(Golden Days/Shutterstock) AWS yesterday unveiled a set of improvements to Amazon SageMaker, its end-to-end machine learning offering. Among the most notable capabilities is a suite of new governance tools intended to keep ML projects on the straight and narrow, but there are several new capabilities designed to make it easier to put AI applications into … Read more

The people side of AI marketing

CMSWire Managing Editor Dom Nicastro joins CMSWire Kathleen Schaub’s contribution to the human side of AI in marketing. In Stephen King’s cheesy (wonderful?) 1980s horror film “Maximum Overdrive,” an asteroid passes near Earth and the machinery around a North Carolina dump truck stops coming to life. Electric knives make ghost attacks, soda vending machines unleash … Read more

The CIRCLES consortium is testing an artificial intelligence to reduce vehicular traffic

Reducing Congestion Effects by the Consortium of Lagrangian Energy Smoothing (CIRCLES), which is made up of Vanderbilt University, UC Berkeley, Temple University and Rutgers University Camden, and works in coordination with Nissan North America and the Tennessee Department of Transportation, has concluded a five-day open track trial. During the experiment, which ran between November 14 … Read more

Galactica’s AI model is trained in scientific knowledge — but spews disturbingly plausible nonsense

Earlier this month, Meta announced a new AI program called Galactica: “A large language model that can store, synthesize, and interpret scientific knowledge.” Launched With a public online demo, Galactica only lasted three days before going the route of other AI systems such as Microsoft’s. Notorious racist chatbot. The online demo is disabled (although the … Read more