Chase Field is no longer a bad football field

Yesterday we talked about Diamondbacks Secondary Garden Factors. Today we will cover the operating environment of the top clubs in the league. For many years, Chase Field was known as a good stadium for hitters due to the dry climate at 1,000 feet, large hitter eye, and large area with angled corners that amplify extra base hits, in fact for many years, Chase Field was actually classified as a good stadium for hitters.

That started to change in 2018 with the installation of the humidor, which reduced visitor numbers and the overall number of hits. The environment changed even more in 2019 with the installation of turf. Chase Field grass, both on and off the field, was previously known to be one of the hardest and fastest baseball grass in Major League Baseball. Arizona-installed lawn isn’t your ’80s type of lawn. It plays right, with fewer bad jumps, and is actually somewhat slower than the previous natural grassland. The net result of this is that Chase Square is now a neutral ground and may tilt slightly in favor of the bowler at this point.

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