Chris Evert shuts down allegations that she had an agenda against Serena Williams

Chris Evert She recently responded to a fan who suggested she had an agenda against her Serena Williamsallegedly in an old letter penned by Evert to the tennis legend.

Chris Evert penned an honest letter to Serena Williams in 2006, dating back to a time when the 23-time major winner suffered several setbacks in her tennis career. The 18-time Grand Prix winner was unhappy with the way the message was being understood and claimed her intentions had been misunderstood by certain individuals on social media.

As quoted from the letter, Chris Evert conveyed strong feelings about Williams’ career path and expressed his disappointment regarding the sub-par results he is now 40. The tennis veteran went on to advise Serena Williams to focus entirely on her tennis career when she was in her prime years.

“Just two years ago, when I was fully committed to the game, you showed sportsmanship, shot-making and a competitive desire to become the greatest player ever. Many others share the same sentiments. I won five of the Grand Slams I entered during the 2002 and 2003 seasons, and it seemed like you completely dominant in the process,” Everett noted in the letter.

“Then I had collateral injuries, pet drafts and apathy, and only won one major in my last seven games. I find these results hard to fathom. You are simply too good to win two Grand Slam titles a year. You’re only 24, in the middle of your fame. These are crucial years that you will never return to. Why not dedicate yourself fully to the next five years and see what you can achieve?” the speech continued.

The message appeared when a fan accused Chris Evert of being cruel to him Coco GuffCourt errors.

“Chris Evert is as bad at calling a Coco Gauff game like Serena. Coco makes a great shot. Silence. Coco misses. She dwells on it. This isn’t hypersensitivity. That can be measured across the entire match.”

Chris Evert is as bad at calling Coco Gauff as Serena. Coco makes a great shot. Silence. Coco misses. She dwells on it. This is not hypersensitivity. This can be measured throughout the game.

Then another cheerleader used the aforementioned written piece against Evert, claiming that she, too, had an unconstructive attitude toward the recently retired tennis legend.

“Chris Evert’s attitude toward Serena Williams has been going on for a long time. Check out this letter I wrote to Serena in 2006.”

The former US tennis player noticed the reaction and responded to her negative connotations, saying that Williams won several more championships only after taking her advice.

“And then she committed herself and won 18 again,” Evert said.

Chris Evert praises Serena Williams and Coco Gough hate allegations

Evert paid tribute to Coco Gauff for showing at the 2022 US OpenCaroline Garcia In search of a place in the semi-finals on Tuesday.

Evert praised both players for their performances, noting that the 18-year-old American was slowly getting closer to lifting her first major championship.

“Caroline Garcia was very impressive Coco Evert pointed out to Gauff tonight, but Coco continues to improve and impress, and is close to winning her first major.

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