Clean Hands™ Book Forever changes the fundamentals of golf for the better

Glendale Heights, Illinois.And the September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WaggleWeight® LLC has forever changed fundamental aspects of golfing for the better, and has released a book uniquely titled “Getting Rid of the Golf Industry for Those With Unclean Hands: Principles of Proper Swing and Clubs Administered with Clean Hands™”. The work includes references to some of the myriad entities that have consistently helped keep golfers (along with swing coaches and putter engineers as other examples) in the dark regarding even the most rudimentary work of swinging and installing equipment. Historically, this has contributed to the ongoing and well-deserved mockery (though often amusing) of golf and the many games associated with the game in different abilities. But first and foremost, the book reveals more subtle principles toward learning, improving, and/or enjoying the game.

In short, the work breaks down certain aspects of swinging and racket installation into ever-smaller elements and puts them back together much better than was previously possible. This dramatically changes and improves the fundamentals of swing and racket fit from the ground up. While the principles as described can be applied to swinging or putting together a putter separately (and essentially for any swing style), these two basic aspects of golf are also properly related within the book. This important connection has never been properly fulfilled, previously causing these two complementary game trades to often work against or conflict with each other rather than complementing one another. This business is just the first of several products and associated services designed by the company that will help guide the much-needed reform and development of some of the fundamentals of golf (

In contrast to the abundance of worthless and often unreasonable products and/or services that have persisted throughout the history of golf, Clean Hands™ introduces well-established concepts, theories, and practices that have essentially been around since man. However, golf was clearly not able to check it for various reasons (the reasons were also described in the work). In light of this, an approach that includes sarcastic humor is often appropriately used. While some features of the game may make the book seem more important or valuable to those associated with golf, matters as revealed are global in nature. Thus, the lessons offered can also be effectively applied to countless other activities and life paths (both sports and non-sports). Therefore, work can be very useful globally in analyzing and/or improving performance in relation to myriad other tasks as well.

According to the author and founder of WaggleWeight® LLC Bill Costog (, “Any golfer who chooses a swing lesson, putter installation process, purchase any related equipment, or played a round of golf (real or even simulated) as examples before learning the full contents of the book, is doing himself a great disservice.” Kostuj further adds, “Any purported business professional (personal or organizational in nature) who engages but is not limited to golf swing instruction or putter equipment who does not learn and conform to the most appropriate business principles (as authorized) will be justifiably ridiculed. Business as The principles are becoming better known.”

At a nominal price for a commonly purchased twelve golf balls, the book contains unprecedented and invaluable instructions and instructions applicable for life, and at a cost comparable to the number of balls some may use during a single round of golf. Ridding the Golf Industry of Those With Unclean Hands: Principles of Proper Swing and Fitting of Managed Tap with Clean Hands™ is now feasible for personal, non-commercial use (potentially contractible for commercial or organizational use). The work is only available as a downloadable PDF e-book at this point and only through WaggleWeight® LLC, where the primary purchase site address is

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