College football rankings: Ohio State climbs to number one, Clemson enters top five on CBS Sports 131


Ohio State is navigating once again in CBS Sports 131, our comprehensive ranking of every FBS college football team. One week after their jump over Alabama for second, the Buckeyes climbed to number one in the world rankings. Georgia may have avoided upset at the hands of Missouri on Saturday but was not able to retain the top spot in the eyes of CBS Sports and 247Sports experts. The Bulldog fell to No. 3, opening the door for Ohio State to take over as the new dog.

This is the fifth time in six different 2022 editions of CBS Sports 131 that we’ve had a different group of Ohio, Alabama and Georgia in the top three, but it’s the first time the Buckeyes has been in the number one spot. and CBS Sports 131 in opposition to the AP Top 25 Poll and Coaches Poll; Both of these rankings responded to the week five results by placing Crimson Tide in first place and leaving Ohio State in third.

Every voter has their own way, but Ohio State’s rise to number one likely isn’t a dramatic reaction to the details of their 49-10 home win against Rutgers. The Buckeyes have been drawn into this debate as one of the best teams in the country since the season ended, and they showed their poise and depth through a 5-0 start that saw several key players miss matches, yet production continued to be elite. While Georgia and Alabama narrowly avoided the turmoil, Ohio State showed consistent dominance throughout most of its season.

Other interesting observations from this week’s update of CBS Sports 131 include a spike for Clemson after his impressive win over North Carolina State, where USC jumped to fifth behind Michigan, and some massive changes outside of 10th. Week 5 was a “Proof It” week for many of the unbeaten teams that lost once, and those that kept their hot start into 2022 saw big bonuses in the rankings. TCU, Kansas and UCLA all won as underdogs to maintain their undefeated status and saw double-digit moves at CBS Sports 131, while some single-loss teams like the Mississippi State also had a rebound after a good win in team play.

For more on the most notable up and down mods in the entire CBS Sports 131, check out the engine report under the Top 25 table.

College football experts from CBS Sports and 247Sports contribute their votes each week, which are averaged together for our rankings. You can see the top 25 below and 26-131 on our ranking page.

1 Ohio State 5-0 2
2 Alabama 5-0 3
3 Georgia 5-0 1
4 Michigan 5-0 4
5 Clemson 5-0 6
6 USC 5-0 5
7 Oklahoma 4-0 8
8 Tennessee 5-0 7
9 Ole Miss 5-0 13
10 Pennsylvania state 5-0 9
11 Utah 4-1 15th
12 TCU 4-0 35
13 kansas 5-0 23
14 University of California 5-0 32
15th Oregon 4-1 16
16 Kentucky 4-1 10
17 Wake Forest 4-1 24
18 North Carolina 4-1 11
19 BYU 4-1 21
20 Kansas State 4-1 25
21 Mississippi 4-1 37
22 Syracuse 5-0 28
23 LSU 4-1 34
24 Baylor 3-2 17
25 Florida 4-1 19

Biggest movers

  • No. 12 TCU (+23): The Big 12’s no longer the dark horse after a sweeping breakup of Oklahoma, Sonny Dykes and TCU announced their presence in Saturday’s conference title race. The TCU was early in the week, and its only enemy in the Power Five before Oklahoma was Colorado, so it took a while for our voters to come in. Clearly, horned frogs are legitimate.
  • No. 14 UCLA (+18): Bruins quarterback Dorian Thompson Robinson noticed the haters after Friday night’s win against Washington, noting that he and his teammates heard skeptics who couldn’t believe that UCLA’s undefeated start warranted a Top 25 consideration. After a 40-32 win against the Huskies which included an impressive display From DTR, the hype train is loaded with passengers as we see UCLA climb into the top 15.
  • No. 35 Illinois (+17): There is currently a hexa tie for first place in the Big Ten West, and I don’t know if there is an argument against any of those six teams that have won the division, including Illinois. The Fighting Illini defense has been playing at a high level for two weeks now and will have a chance to make big strides here in the second year of Brett Bilima’s era with Iowa on deck this week.
  • No. 21 Mississippi (+16): The win against Texas A&M moved the Bulldogs to 4-1 overall with their only loss coming on the road to LSU, which was also a team that saw some upward movement in the rankings this week.
  • No. 26 Washington (-14): Both Huskys saw their standings profile a success on two fronts this weekend, most notably after suffering their first loss of the season at UCLA. But the added damage was Michigan State’s loss – the team that looked like Washington’s best win – to Maryland and knocked out of the top 60.
  • No. 30 Minnesota (-16): Injury issues certainly played a role in Minnesota’s ability to reach their peak performance, but eventually the loss at Purdue would be lifted as a missed opportunity to grab what is now a wide open divisional race.
  • #68 Michigan State (-17): That’s now a 34-point drop for the Spartans during a two-week window and arguably one of the most dramatic crashes we’ve seen so far in 2022 after CBS Sports peaked 131 in 14th place. Michigan State is 2-3 overall and 0-2 in the Big Ten They play with some of the toughest opponents in the table that still awaits them in the coming weeks.
  • No. 40 Oklahoma (-22): Dillon Gabriel’s injury is the most important story going forward, but even a full match with a healthy Gabriel might not have been able to alter Saturday’s TCU win result. The Sooners are reeling after two straight losses and are hoping to recover with a win over Texas on Saturday.
  • No. 43 Texas A&M (-23): The Aggies cling to one-point wins over Miami and Arkansas as the best argument for being a Top 40 team, but the tight margins on those wins and constant offensive struggles make it hard to win arguments when compared to losing one more. and loss difference. Texas A&M has yet to score more than 25 points against the FBS team and is currently ranked last in the SEC with an average of 335.6 yards per game.

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