Conservative Party kicks off ‘net zero tour’ in UK to highlight benefits of work | greenhouse gas emissions

Top Green Conservative Chris Skidmore He is embarking on a net-zero tour to show that “ordinary people continue” to decarbonise, urging the new prime minister to ignore the “Westminster bubble” pouring scorn on the climate goal.

Skidmore, the former energy minister, will on Thursday visit green schemes in northwest England, including a home insulation demonstration in Salford and a peat restoration project in Oldham.

He told the Guardian: “The environment and net zero should be bigger than partisan politics but I wanted to get out of Westminster to show that net zero is not a cost – it’s a benefit.

“If you leave Westminster, you will see that people are dealing with it – municipal authorities, councils, really prioritize net zero because they see it as a vehicle for economic growth. I wanted to show this in the districts so we don’t see it as a concept of Westminster bubble policy, it’s a real reality.”

Conservative sources did not think Truss’ tenure was an auspicious start on climate after she appointed Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has been skeptical about climate measures in the past, as business minister. race wave He said At an event hosted by the Free Market Research Centre, the Center for Policy Studies, the government’s policy to reach net zero by 2050 “would be a huge regulatory cost” that the UK would have to “confront”.

Skidmore said the deputy was invited to his net-zero tour. The Guardian asked Rees-Mogg if he plans to attend.

All party members are welcome to attend, whether they are from Beis [Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy] Minister; I shall be glad to invite Jacob Rees-Mogg, I shall be glad to be invited [shadow secretary of state for climate change and net zero] Skidmore said.

He will also meet with representatives of Bolton Football Club, which rejected a request by failed MP and Brexit activist Nigel Farage to march against the net-zero goal.

“Nigel Farage tried to rally against net zero at Bolton Football Club but they rejected it because they were bound to a draw. I’m visiting that club – the industry doesn’t listen to the small vocal minority in Westminster claiming net zero costs money, which is just wrong,” Skidmore explained.

Besides launching the tour, parliamentarians from all major parties in the UK urged a Letter to the next Prime Minister To support net zero, expand renewables, invest in insulation, and attend the United Nations Biodiversity Summit (COP15) later this year.

After launching in northwest England, the tour will visit Yorkshire, the Humber, the North East, Scotland, the West and East Midlands, the South West, Wales, Northern Ireland, London and the Southeast, as well as East Anglia.

Despite some concern about Truss’ background on the environment and climate – she is understood to support hydraulic fracturing, and in her capacity as environment minister Supervise discounts for the organizer Skidmore said he’s optimistic about her premiership.

“Liz said she wants to double net zero, she has been very clear that she wants to stick to the 2019 statement that includes net zero as a front-page commitment,” he stated, adding, “Liz has talked about how much zero should be made more “enterprise-friendly” , but it shows that the state is not just waiting for the government to take the job, the industry is already moving forward. As Boris Johnson said, net zero is bigger than any figure.”

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