Could Luke Kornet play a bigger role with the Celtics this season?

Forsberg Mailbag: Yes, there could be a useful role for Luke Cornett Originally appeared NBC Sports Boston

The Boston Celtics Report from a training camp in 11 days. There are only 16 days left until their first pre-season game. Regular season perks in 32 days.

Yes, we’re still a little over a month away from meaningful basketball games again. Let’s fill in what is likely to be the quiet last week of this abbreviated season by addressing your outstanding questions in this week’s Celtics Mailbag.

How do we feel about the depth of the huge man? Personally, I feel this might be this team’s Achilles heel. -ErosStudios

And we’ll combine that with…

Who would be surprised to play more minutes to reduce wear AlhorfordAnd the Robert Williams III, Jays? I need them very refreshed in the playoffs…but still ranked 4 in the East. -SBussberg

The fear of Boston’s huge man depth is understandable. Horford is 36 years old and she thinks the team might consider taking on him. Robert Williams’ third injury history is well documented and the team won’t want to push him to the floor after he rushed back from a meniscus tear to help Boston in the playoffs last season.

Last year, the Williams III-Horford duo combined to record 3,809 minutes of the regular season, or roughly 48.4% of all available minutes in 4/5 positions. That’s 4,000 minutes to fill if this duo stays as healthy as they were last year.

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So how exactly will the Celtics fill those minutes this season with a deep scheme that is thinner for the experienced big men? Boston is sure to get small, air-conditioned in excess of guard depth. But there is also great confidence in the team’s front office Luke Cornet And the Mufiondo Kabangel Can fill deep minutes.

Some will scoff considering that Cornet has only played 339 minutes in two stints with the team over the past two years. But Kornet is the biggest body on the team with at 7 feet 2 and 250 pounds a body capable of both ends of the floor.

Use a strong summer Kabengele for a two-way slot. A good camper can consider a previous first-round choice for a full-time job (although many Boston camp bodies have more than four years of experience, so there’s no obvious choice to enter this two-way slot). You may have seen some sexy summer videos with Kabengele dropping a set of triples, but the Celtics would be satisfied if he adopted Clint Capella The model and only used his size and athleticism to be an edge-to-edge and resistance runner.

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Grant Williams He can certainly fill minutes into the “big” role, especially as a corner-office forward, but only three percent of last season’s total minutes came in center (and his efficiency plummeted in that small sample, at clearing the glass spot data). Williams scored 35 percent of his minutes as a position as a rookie (and had a brilliant +7.0 net rating in those minutes, per CTG) but the team would probably prefer his size to be by his side. However, Williams can confidently defend larger bodies and use his strength to maintain his strength if he defends fifth.

Maybe the muscles of camp invitees like Noah Funleigh are in the conversation, too. Boston will give current in-house talent every chance to win available depth minutes and then gauge the need for further promotions in the future.

Who will get last place in camp – a grizzly vet, an uncut rook, or an international recruit? -philmillershart

Boston camp roster set. Broderick Thomasa two-way player last year, is the only player yet to be officially signed to his 10th Show. Teams tend to skew invitees with the goal of channeling coveted talent into the G-League, but for now, the Celtics seem content with their first-round selection pool. Previous that will form the end of the camp list.

Now, if the question is who appears with one of the three slate spots currently open, my early guesses would be Jake Layman, Justin Jackson, and Celtics, keeping the 15th slot open for maximum flexibility (and tax savings). Layman was a fixed reserve in Portland and Minnesota. It fits the schemes of Boston and does just enough to mask the shooting problems of its surroundings. Jackson never fully tapped his potential, but he got a call for 10 days when the team was skinny on their bodies last year and then had a solid summer league.

Losing Gallo without a replacement could cost us a championship. – @umpirejimmy1

For a team that could badly use some veteran deep chops in the NBA Finals three months ago, it’s impossible to say Danilo Galinari Absence is illogical. But the continuous development of Jaylyn Brown And the Jason Tatum The team’s hopes for the championship will dictate much more than the availability of a 34-year-old.

With four consecutive players in the first two months, does the coach Im Odoka Will you block Jays toys to save them for spring and summer? – @jluck_89

Horford is almost certain to get a strategic rest. Perhaps the Celtics would tread carefully in the goalkeeper’s position given their injury history and depth. But for Brown and Tatum, I think we’ll likely see Odoka simply trying to keep their minutes lower. Tatum is a player who wants to be on the field every night. Brown has struggled with some injuries, most notably his hamstrings, but he will be keen to assert himself at every opportunity.

Which 5 will start, and 3 or 4 will be in the spin? – @hendy73

I see no reason to mess with what works. Boston’s start was a wrecking ball last season. I think you see the same Tatum and Brown and Williams III and Horford and Marcus Smart combo to start the year. Malcolm Brogdon He’ll play a lot of minutes and maybe turn out to be a key role, especially if Horford gets some rest. Brogdon, Derrick White and Grant Williams should all see top minutes off the bench. Kornet could play more than Payton Pritchard, for example, depending on how Ime Udoka is spreading talent. Pritchard is well worth the time. He might just have to be patient given the depth of the guard.

Which team not from last year has the best chance of being our first round match? -_MacDonnell

Assuming the Celtics are the seed first, I doubt it will be Cleveland, who should be in the mix in the top half of the East. Maybe the Hornets? But forget the non-comma difference. You may attract an early return. And while you want to believe that nothing can be quite as intimidating as the Brooklyn-Milwaukee-Miami challenge the Celtics faced last season, this year could be just as tough. The East is overflowing with talent. A whole bunch of good teams can get in on the play round and make their way to matches 1-8 or 2-7.

Would you like to see Rob try some jumping in every game? What improvements as a team do you hope to see or would like to see next season? -yella_ghost

Do you know how many shots the Time Lord took outside of 14 feet last season? Seven. I wouldn’t expect him to suddenly turn into LaMarcus Aldridge, but I wouldn’t mind if he gets a lot of use out of the teams giving him space. And journalists constantly watched him shoot mid-range shots in practice. It seems All The Boston center eventually expands its reach to the three-point streak. Now, we want Williams III as close to the edge as possible, but he shouldn’t be shy about his mid-range game.

What time is Celtics Media Day? And where will we be able to see it? – @GreenRuns4Ever

Media Day is Monday, September 26th. We’ll soon have details on how to stream the festivities live on And just go ahead and set your DVRs to NBC Sports Boston that night for more Media Day takeaways.

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