Critter Control, the nation’s largest nuisance wildlife removal company, has announced the opening of a new franchise in Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

watch creatures

watch creatures

The opening of the Rio Grande Valley franchise will aid the community in the humane removal of creatures common to the area such as raccoons, snakes, rabbits, armadillos, bats, and more.

HARLINGEN, Texas, September 29, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – watch creatures, the leader in the humane removal of disturbing wildlife, is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new location in the Rio Grande Valley (“The Valley”), Texas, today. Owned and operated by franchisor, Weston Pawlik, who has spent more than ten years removing animals in Texas, the new site will serve Brooks, Cameron, Duval, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Kennedy, Kleiberg, Star, Web, Willacy counties and Zapata.

“Our primary mission is to support the community through our expert customer services while providing exciting jobs to area residents looking for an exciting work experience,” said Weston Pawelek, franchisee in Critter Control of Rio Grande Valley. “While it’s never too cold in The Valley to slow down any animal significantly, there are plenty of troubling wildlife issues that fluctuate throughout the seasons, causing damage and danger to the property of the residents of the area that we aim to deal with with all care and compassion. “.

The valley, which borders Mexico, is home to vast grasslands, wetlands, forests, and meadows, making it a convenient home to a wide variety of wildlife looking to sneak into the homes of locals, which typically include raccoons in the attics, snakes in yards and opossums beneath homes. The area is also considered to have a subtropical climate, resulting in warm winters that attract many migratory species, most notably bats.

“Weston has been in this business for over a decade, and this experience, combined with his deep knowledge of the area, will prove essential while serving the people of the Valley,” said Joe Villigi, General Manager of Creature Watch. “The valley is home to an incredibly unique ecosystem that fosters a variety of troublesome wildlife removal demands throughout the year. The Critter Control team could not be more confident in Weston’s ability to handle it all.”

Created in 1983, Critter Control is a disturbing wildlife removal service that prioritizes the humane removal of animals from homes and yards. With the launch of each new franchise comes an intense hands-on training session to ensure the success of each new franchise operator. Courses are held at Critter Control’s headquarters in Atlanta, with simulated environments that prepare the difference for any wildlife scenario. The company’s attention to safety, education and continuing training allows franchisees to operate with utmost success and confidence.

Critter Control in Rio Grande Valley will be open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, along with Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The concession will be closed on Sunday but is ready for emergency services 24 hours a day. Residents needing immediate assistance can contact the new Critter Control website at (361) 247-4248 and

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Founded in 1983, Critter Control is a leading remover of rodents, raccoons, bats, birds and other pesky wildlife. The Atlanta-based company operates franchises and corporate-owned locations in more than 100 markets across the United States and Canada. Learn more about Critter Control at

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