Dave Mustaine He said again that he is the only founding member of Mega. The guitarist/vocalist made the comment in an interview with LifeMinute To promote the band’s new album, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!”. while discussing a file Mega The 61-year-old musician told The Voice: “There is a misnomer that two people founded Mega. I Founder I was the only one at first. There was a bass player before… who just left. So it was my vision. When I was kicked out of MetallicaAnd the I They were kicked out of Metallica; No one else was with me on the bus coming home.”

bassist David Elefson was in Mega From the band’s debut in 1983 to 2002, when the group briefly broke up due to mustine He sustained severe nerve damage that made him unable to play. after, after mustine it hase been repaired Mega With an all-new lineup in 2004, Elefson He sued his former bandmate for $18.5 million, alleging that mustine He still owes him significant goods and publishing royalties. In January 2005, the case was dismissed in court, and five years later, Elefson is back Mega.

mustineHis latest comments come nearly seven years after he said in an interview with Cape Girardeau, Missouri radio station Real Rock 99.3 who – which Elefson He was not a founding member of the band because he said,Mega It was already in its formative stage long before I knew it David Elefson. ” Elefson He later said that he was “technically” a founding member of Mega Because he was “in the room” today Mega She decided to change her name from the previous work title of fallen angel At the suggestion of the band’s guitarist Greg Handvedt.

In February 2016, just a month after he published his original notes in BLABBERMOUTH.NETAnd the mustine asked by Ticket Master What does it mean to have a longtime collaborator like Elefson Back in the squad after several lineup changes. replied:David and I’ve been friends for a long time, even during the lawsuit. I made it clear that I love him, and love his family. I said that the truth would come out and it was very unfortunate. The suit was dismissed, I forgave him, and we went back to work again. It’s been fun since then.”

He continued, “There are two websites that I don’t like and they try to twist some of my words around them David Elefson To be in the band or not to be in the band, to be a founding member or not to be a founding member. And this nonsense does not matter, because it is a gossip website. The truth is, I and Dave Partners, we make good music together Mega-We’re going on a tour. Hopefully people know when to see him on stage and not think it’s someone else. [Laughs]”

In February 2016, Elefson asked by Cranked Up Live Around mustineComments for Real Rock 99.3 where is the Mega The leader implied that Elefson He was not a founding member of the band. Elefson He said, “Well, it’s fun… Yes, I saw it [the article on BLABBERMOUTH.NET]. This is interesting. The title was very misleading and it was obvious that it was intentional… It was very provocative. It was supposed to be a hamburger bomb thrown in the middle of our campaign. I think I saw it that way. So, once again, open up the story, and read it. They didn’t even say that. They didn’t even say what the title says. This address was wrong.

“Now, look, when Dave came home from Metallicahe had another bass player, a kind of kid who almost knew how to play the guitar, another guitarist he worked with a little bit, and a singer named lor. And these were among the first people who, I think, in April and May of 1983 Dave Was just coming up with some ideas [with], to see if he can do anything. But today me and my friend Greg Handvedt knock on DaveAnd I asked him where to buy some cigarettes and beer, that was the day when there was a unit moving forward, because I, GregAnd the Davethis singer lor And our drummer Dijon Carotherswho helped create a lot of words and concept ‘Black Friday’ On the sell peace That was… We were the group that had been rehearsing these new songs for a few weeks Dave was writing. And one day we came back to… I think it was me and GregFlat… it was so Greg Who suggested… We were talking about the band names, and Greg Suggest… There was a name wandering around, fallen angelI think that Dave…that was kind of a business title that he had. But he had a song called updatedwhich was later renamed “setting the world”. He was my friend Greg who suggested, “I think we should call the squad MegaAnd it was decided that day, I mean, technically, whoever was in the room that day was a founding member Mega. And again, I don’t know why it should be so important. I know, there you are. Quickly, all of these members scattered or were abandoned, and within a month or so, I and Dave standing next to each other – Dave And the Dave From this new group called Mega. “

Elefson was kicked out of Mega In May 2021, just days after sexually suggestive messages and explicit video footage were posted involving a guitarist Twitter.

David was in Mega From the band’s debut in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until their last exit.

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