Each character has been confirmed and rumored to appear

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It’s been a long time. The first movie was a huge hit in 2018 – critically, financially and culturally. The movie became very important to many people and even helped the characters and its iconic location become an essential part of it. Avengers: Infinity War.

distance The tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman In 2020, the future of the film is in question. How would Marvel Studios go without T’Challa?

Well, Ryan Coogler and the rest of the cast wanted to keep telling the story of Wakanda and creativity Something that would make Bosman proud. The experience was an emotional one for everyone in development—But based on everything the world has seen so farIt seems to have paid off.

Less than two months before the movie was releasedLet’s take a look at each character, both confirmed and rumored, to appear in the next sequel.

Shuri (Laetitia Wright)

Shuri, Laetitia Wright, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Shuri Laetitia Wright was among the first to be confirmed for the upcoming film. However, given all of its various differences, one would be forgiven if one thought that it had been abandoned.

However, despite all that and the serious incident that was identified, the actress will return. Not only that, but she’s currently the biggest contender to be the next Black Panther — at least, according to fans.

Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o)

Nakia, Lupita Nyong'o the Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

It should come as no surprise that Nakia is back for his second Wakandan adventure. Though, what it will do is still a mystery. However, the character will wear a completely different outfit –Bold, bright green at it.

Nakia is another contender for the mantle of the Black Panther, due to her fighting skills and legacy with Wakanda.

She can be seen in a few quick shots in the first trailer, and she seems to be grieving the loss of her king, T’Challa.

Okoye (Danai Gurira)

Okoye, Danai Gurira, Black Panter
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Okoye quickly became one of the most popular MCU characters after their debut. In fact, this resulted in her getting quite a bit of time in front of the screen Avengers: Infinity War.

Therefore, you will of course return to protect Wakanda from external threats when it is Sequel to the lands in November.

Rumors also say that Okoye will be too part of “Same-sex relationship with another Dora Milaje.” Who exactly this might be, is still questionable.

Embaco (Winston Duke)

Mbaku, Winston Duke, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Winston Duke’s M’Baku was another confirmed member early on in the cast and has previously stated that fans should expect Wakanda forever “To be her own thing.”

He can be seen briefly in the first trailer for the movie jumping to attack Namur, a detail that is revealed through a slightly extended sequence shown in D23. M’Baku is another contender to take on the mantle of the Black Panther – although many still prefer Shuri over him.

Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett)

Queen Ramonda, Angela Bassett, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Angela Bassett is an amazing actress, and her performance can be felt during the first trailer, along with the full UN scene shown at D23. Queen Ramunda not only has to deal with the loss of her son, but she also has to deal with the ups and downs of the world’s many nations.

But how would you handle facing someone like Namur? Hopefully, it performs better than the submerged throne room, as seen in the trailer.

Ayo (Florence Kasumba)

Ayo, black panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

IU was last seen in The Hawk and the Winter Soldier and will return to Wakanda forever. In fact, it can be seen in a single shot of the first teaser.

But what will you do? This part is not yet known. She will likely remain a part of Dora Milaje, although Ayo may also be involved in the Midnight Angels.

Annika (Michaela Coyle)

Anika, Michaela Cowell, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Aneka is a new character in this movie, and lucky for her, she even wears an awesome new set of armor. In the trailer, she can be seen dressed in blue Midnight Angels, fighting alongside Dora Milaje.

Shown in full detail at the D23, the eye-catching outfit is a beauty. Given that Aneka will be the one to appear in it, she will almost certainly play a major role in the sequel.

Rare Williams / Iron Hart (Dominic Thorne)

Dominic Thorne, Riri Williams, Iron Heart, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Riri Williams will be making her MCU debut long before her series, Ironheart, is due to appear on Disney+ next year.

Her exact role in the proceedings is unknown, but rumor has it that she will play an important role in the conflict between Wakanda and the underwater nation of Namur. She can be seen visiting something in the movie trailer, and one of her suits is seen briefly while working on the D23 footage.

The character will be suitable for adventure, with at least two different armor already confirmed.

Namor (Tenoch Huerta)

Namur, Tenoc Huerta, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

It has long been rumored that Namur is the opponent Wakanda foreveralthough it was only officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. The character is known to be at odds with the fictional country of Wakanda in the comics, and that still seems to be true here.

The mutant look is ripped straight out of the comics, and he has his winged boots on. Hopefully Huerta will bring everything he has in bringing the hostile hero to life, especially since he’s almost certain to have a long journey in the MCU.

Namura (Mabel Cadena)

Tiger, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Namora’s inclusion has been rumored for over a year and only confirmed at this year’s Comic-Con San Diego. It wasn’t an exaggeration to think that this character would go hand in hand with Namor’s introduction.

She can be seen in the trailers, with blue skin and a respirator, ready to take on a mysterious opponent on the street. Like her cousin, she is more likely to encounter Wakanda.

Atuma (Alex Levinali)

Atuma, the black panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Attuma is generally known as a Namur antagonist from the comics, but it is unclear if his role will be similar in the upcoming film. Could he end up being the real villain of the piece?

When it comes to its design, it really does look like a fearsome warrior. He wears a huge hammerhead shark skull as a headpiece and holds a huge halberd at his side.

Everett Ross (Martin Freeman)

Everett Ross, Martin Freeman, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: confirmed

Martin Freeman will return as everyone’s favorite CIA agent. This time, by going through the previous selected images, He will have a white beard.

As for his role in the story, this part is unknown. Though, given the UN’s tense scenes with Queen Ramunda, it’s possible that he’ll play some kind of role there.

Dr. Dom (TBD)

Dr. Dom, Marvel, MCU

Status: rumored

Fans have long waited for Dr. Dom’s arrival, so could this anticipation be about to pay off?

An earlier rumor suggested that the iconic villain They may be the ones pulling the strings behind Namur and Wakanda’s conflict from the sidelines – which would be very much in line with the character. If he happens to run his own fictional nation of Latveria, all the better.

So far, however, There is no confirmation that the character Will appear. Fingers intertwined!

Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan)

Killmonger, Michael B Jordan, Black Panther
Marvel Studios

Status: rumored

With the extreme popularity of Michael B Black Panther villain, a comeback of some sort always seems to be in the cards. Even the actor thinks so, Because he might have been mocked before.

Did he come back from the dead? Or will fans see some kind of vision that shows the character? Only time will prove it.

Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)

Valentina, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Marvel Studios

Status: rumored

Val appeared in several places, Including The Hawk and the Winter Soldier And the Black Widow. But fans know that she’ll show her face again sometime before Lightning hits the screen.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was previously seen filming On a large set of Marvel productions. At the time, it was clear which one could be – depending on the location, the two options were either hook or Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Since she’s not appearing in Jeremy Renner’s adventure, apparently Black Panther The answer may be.

Sam Wilson / Captain America (Anthony Mackie)

Sam Wilson, Captain America, Anthony Mackie
Marvel Studios

Status: rumored

Anthony Mackie’s odds Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Low, but thanks previous last selected Spider-Man: There is no room for homeAndrew GarfieldNow, fans are wondering about everything.

The star talked about it before Wakanda forever wraps Even principal photography, prompting everyone to look his way. While the star has made it clear that he’s not into it, some people are still skeptical of his words.

After all, he probably needs some suit repairs.

Great cast from Wakanda

If this list doesn’t make it clear, staff Wakanda forever enormous. There are a lot of characters to serve and now two rich worlds to explore in Wakanda And the nation of Namur under water.

Given Ryan Coogler’s talent and former MCU pedigree, fans should have no doubt that he’ll do an excellent job of keeping the landing for the sequel. People are so confident in his abilities, in fact, that many see him as A great choice to take up Avengers: Secret Wars.

Though, this project is clearly a long way to go. In the meantime, for those excited to visit Wakanda again, tickets Black Panther The sequel is scheduled to go on sale on October 3.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It hits theaters November 11th.

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