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Cooper Rush and Romeo Dobbs among breakout NFL players: One pick for all 32 teams
Philadelphia Eagles: LBTJ Edwards. Edwards finished 2021 as Philadelphia’s MVP, but took a step further in 2022 and turned into a key defensive player in his fourth season. Edwards barely steps off the field, proving to be the triple-back that the team sought. Leading the Eagles through 33 tackles, he achieved a career high with Kissin, and is second on the team with seven quarterbacks. He also has two passes he defended. In the spring, an important question regarding the Eagles’ defense was when rookie Nakobi Dean would take charge. With the way Edwards and Keizer White are playing in the second tier, it doesn’t look like they’re going to be giving up their shot count anytime soon.

Eagles-Cardinals Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Week 5 Enemy – Leva (BGN)
1 – How satisfied are Cardinals fans with Zach Ertz’s trade? How do you feel about him and do you expect him to be a big part of this week’s plan against his former team? […] I think he is very satisfied. Ertz has been the best tight ultimate weapon Arizona Cardinals You’ve seen that happen statistically in the last year. Now, with the full season ending, he’s even more involved and has become Kyler Murray’s hoodoo. It’s a big part of the Cardinals’ game plan from week to week and it should once again be against the Eagles. They especially like him on the downhill and in the red, where his sure hands and large frame play well in the Cardinals’ playbook.

Eagles-Cardinals + NFL Picks Against Spread – BGN Radio . Preview
The Eagles head into the desert to face the Arizona Cardinals. Brandon Lee Guton and Jimmy Kempsky review this game with matches, injury news and feelings. The guys also make their weekly NFL picks against spread.

Eagles-Cardinals Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Week 5 Enemy – Revenge of the Birds
The Arizona Cardinals play on the only undefeated team in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles sit 4-0 and feature in every segment of one of the best teams in the league. We checked in with Brandon Lee Gutton of Bleeding Green Nation to find out what’s going on with the vultures. enjoy.

Mailbag: Are the Eagles overrated, and only benefiting from a poor schedule? – PhillyVoice
I think the Vikings will be in the playoffs this year, and in my opinion, Jaguar is a talented team. Even the Lions have something going on for them in being the No. 1 offensive tackle in the NFL. Leaders are clearly bad. They certainly haven’t played anything Energy contenders so far. I think it’s encouraging that they have pretty much dominated their opponents this season, and aside from an early handicap against the Jags, the Eagles’ results have rarely been in doubt. If you remember, some tried to cut back on what the Eagles were doing during the 2017 season, when they were also cruising against bad or mediocre teams. It’s not like they’re Clemson, planning matches against Foreman and Louisiana Tech. They play who is put into their schedule, and they are in control. That’s all they could control, and they were great, regardless of their opponents.

CLOSED – Eagles Blitz
The pain was locked up. It’s 24/7/365 football. If Bill Belichick was a player, it would be Galen Hurts. It made for a boring look on ManningCast, but it does give you a dedicated QB who will do everything in his power to keep his team focused and play at a high level. It’s been this way since college, and probably back in high school. This is what hurts. He doesn’t have Lamar Jackson’s speed, Josh Allen’s arm, or the uncanny ability of Patrick Mahomes to make any throw imaginable. Hurts has a focused focus that helps him maximize every bit of the natural talent he possesses. His leadership helped the Eagles reach post-season a year ago. It will be interesting to see how far this team can go.

NFL Week 5 picks, schedule, odds, injuries, stats, fantasy tips – ESPN
What to watch: The Cardinals will interrupt their work to pass and defend the ball. Philadelphia allows for 4.75 league-low yards per pass, and the Cardinal ranks 30th in passing yards per game (5.37). Additionally, the Eagles average 8.79 yards per game while the Cardinals shed 7.36, which ranks 25th in the league.

Top 10 Defensive Lines of the 2022 NFL Season: 49ers Group Led by Nick Bosa, Deep Billing Unit Tops the Board – NFL.com
7) Philadelphia Eagles. Pressing through four fast passes has always been the Eagles’ defensive identity, and the start of the 2022 season was no exception. During the fourth week, Philadelphia leads the NFL with 13 sacks and a 10.7 percent sack average when he’s not a striker. The Eagles collected seven such staggering sacks when they faced former Philly QB Carson Wentz in Week Three. Franchise pillars Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham proved to be still productive in their 30s, while new additions like Hasson Riddick (who leads the NFL with three shifts forced by QB pressure) and Jordan Davis fit seamlessly into the spin. In fact, the Eagles are the only team in the NFL to have six players with at least eight QB pressures this season (Reddick, Cox, Graham, Javon Hargrave, Josh Sweat, and TJ Edwards).

Why Driscoll went to YouTube to prepare for the next challenge – NBCSP
Jack Driscoll hasn’t started a game on the left tackle since his freshman season in a red jersey at UMass in 2016, but that streak could end this weekend in Arizona. If Jordan Melata’s shoulder doesn’t heal enough and Andre Dillard isn’t ready, Driscoll will be protecting Galen Hurts’ blind side on Sunday afternoon. So Driscoll did the same thing that the rest of us do when we need to fix our tub or want some landscaping advice. “I went back to YouTube and tried to find the game,” Driscoll said. He found bits and pieces from the 36-16 loss that season to Old Dominion. Driscoll was wearing the No. 58 at the time and spent his day blocking Auchan Ximines’ third-round pick in the future. After that season, Driscoll moved to Auburn and ended up with the Eagles being selected for the fourth round a few years later in 2020. Throughout his football career, and especially since joining the Eagles, Driscoll has truly embraced his versatility.

NFL Week 5 Picks Against the Spread – The Contest
Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals (+5.5). The biggest competition in American sports right now is Cliff Kingsbury versus the Hour of Play. In every half of every match, the playing clock approaches zero, the Cardinals call timeout, and Kyler Murray and Kingsbury shout at each other. In a world full of uncertainty, it’s one of the only things we as a society can count on. This is any Sunday game. There is no real reason to believe that the Cardinals should win. The Eagles are the best trained and most talented team. They dominated their offensive line last week in the victory over Jaguar. They are the only team left undefeated and are second in the NFL by +44 points. If you play this game 100 times, the eagles often win by double numbers. But football is strange. Murray thrives on chaos. Swinging game transformations. The Eagles have some injuries, and they’ve been affected in special teams. It is conceivable that they bypass the Cardinals and advance to the big week six game against the Cowboys. But given what we’ve seen from these teams so far this season, I wouldn’t be the one to expect that to happen. Picking: Eagles (-5.5)

Spadaro: Check-in in the 2022 Draft Category – PE.com
“I prepare every day as if I’m going to play every shot in defense,” Dean said. “I watch the movie like I’m playing every shot. I train like I’m playing every shot. I’m stretching, I do everything like I’m playing every hit in defense, so when the time comes, I’ll be ready.” Al-Nusour have had a great play from their midfielders this season both within the defensive structure and in special teams. Dean takes four shots in defense and gets most of his work in special teams, with 64 shots under his belt. Philadelphia is a deep and talented quarterback, so Dean prepares for when his number is called. “I’m always learning, I’m always learning as a player and as a man,” Dean said. “We have a lot of great football minds in this building and being around them has been a lot of fun for me. I’m one of those people who like to pick people’s minds, so this was really fun for me. How do they think about football? How do they think about defense? How do they think about football? Thinking about crime? I love those kinds of conversations.” Dean continues to work hard, grooming himself and getting ready to play. In the process, he really enjoys doing it. “I like the game a lot so this is exactly where I want to be,” he said. “I’m having the time of my life, actually. You just have to keep working, keep pushing, and keep getting better. It felt like a long time ago when I was in college. I’m a professional and I keep myself as one every single day.”

Rondell Moore added to the Cardinals’ exercise report for a knee injury – PFT
The Cardinals added receiver Rondell Moore to their training report Thursday, listing him as a limited participant with a knee injury. It is not known if Moore injured his knee during training. Moore missed his first three games with a hamstring injury. He came back on Sunday against the Panthers and played 65 of 76 offensive shots, but Moore only hit three for 11 yards.

After 3 straight defeats, Leaders fans want to see Ron Rivera go and Carson Wentz off the bench – Hogs Haven
It looks like fans are losing patience with the start of quarterback Carson Wentz. While only a few fans (14%) in this week’s poll want to see him on the bench right away, not many seem to have much faith in him either. Only 17% of Hogs Haven readers who answered this week’s poll think Wentz should finish this season as a start or he’ll figure it out eventually.

Why Cowboys Defense Can Take Over The Stumbling Rams’ Attack – Blogging on Boys
This may be the game in which the Cowboys dominate the trenches in both running and passing defense, as the Rams’ offensive line allowed 22 tackles to lose, averaging 5.5 per game. In total, the Rams have 70 points so far in the season, averaging 17.5 points per game making them 28th in the NFL. For the first time since 1973, the Cowboys held four opponents in a row for 19 points or less at the start of the season. For the first time since 1972, they allowed only four touchdown points from four games.

CeeDee Lamb not training on Thursday with thigh injury ahead of Week 5 against Rams – DraftKings Nation
Lamb said he was doing well and that this injury shouldn’t worry anyone. I don’t know everything there is to know about the injury report and what the difference has to do with it, but I’m a little concerned because it’s listed as a thigh injury and not a lower leg injury or hamstring or something. It’s easy for groin injuries to worsen, so there’s cause for concern here.

Giants Injury Updates: Kadarios Toni and Aziz Ogullari among 5 players who have not traveled to London – Big Blue View
The New York Giants It was announced Thursday evening that five players will not travel to London for Sunday’s match against Green Bay Packers. These five are wide receiver Kenny Golladay (knee), wide receiver Kadarius Toni (hamstring), edge defender Aziz Ogulari (calf), corner back Cordell Flute (calf) and defensive tackle Henry Mondeo (ankle). Ogulari missed the first two games of the season due to a calf injury. Nobody else suffered against Chicago Bears She did not practice Wednesday or Thursday. Tony has not played since the second week. He trained limited on Wednesday, but did not train on Thursday.

Our experts pick the NFL for Week 5 of 2022 – SB Nation
Here are our picks for Week Five. It may be about who will win between the planes and dolphins, or the game between rams and cowboys. Those are the two big pivotal points of week five, and we’ll have to wait and see who gets embarrassed.

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