Environmental protesters shut down central London for a seventh day | Just stop the oil

More than twenty environmental protesters have shut down the city center London Roads for the seventh day, a continuation of a week of vandalism that led to the arrest of at least 150 people.

Shortly after 10 a.m. on Friday, several groups of supporters appeared Just stop the oil The campaign closed roads to Vauxhall Bridge. They stuck themselves on the road and put up banners.

Just Stop Oil, which was staged earlier this year weeks of Direct action against oil terminalsvowed to “occupy Westminster” with daily roadblocks until the government agreed to halt all new oil and gas projects.

But their latest direct action came when the government opened a new licensing round to allow oil and gas companies to do so Exploring fossil fuels in the North Sea. On Friday, the North Sea Transitional Authority offered 898 blocks of seabed in the UK for exploration.

Despite long-running overwhelming international concern about the impact of continued burning of fossil fuels on the world’s climate, Climate Minister Graham Stewart said Friday morning that development would be “really good for the environment.”

The International Energy Agency said last year that if climate change was kept within 1.5 degrees Celsius, there would be no new investment in fossil fuels.

Among the protesters on Friday was Grace Lally, 43, a childcare worker and mother of two from Hastings. She said, “We all know the science and the facts, so our leaders who are doing nothing to move away from fossil fuels are either idiots or psychopaths.

“Either way, I’m not ready to let them lead us up a cliff without a fight. We are nonviolent but we should use every means in our power — protests, strikes, occupation — to try to prevent fossil fuel companies and political advocates from destroying everything we love.”

Friday is the seventh day in a row that Just Stop supporters have met oil It caused a commotion on the streets of central London. According to figures provided by the Metropolitan Police, 35 people were arrested in connection with their protests on Sunday, 59 on Tuesday, 24 on Wednesday and 32 on Thursday.

No protesters were arrested on Saturday or Monday, despite the disruptive measures taken on those two days. The Met said 13 people were arrested for intentional highway obstruction in connection with Friday’s disruption.

Just Stop Oil said it has lined up teams to take turns mounting human barriers in Westminster for weeks to come, and claimed it is constantly training new supporters to take direct action. Activists within the group told the Guardian that they believe the strategy is more sustainable than the oil refinery protests in April, which fizzled out after several weeks due to fatigue, increasingly stringent policing and legal action.

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said: “We will continue with civil resistance because it is the right thing to do when faced with a malicious government. The coming weeks will see the capital increase disrupted until the government issues a statement to end new oil and gas.

“Starting the process of reducing fossil fuel production in this country is not rocket science, it is not brain surgery. The government is spraying water on the fire that is destroying our only home.”

In a statement issued Friday evening, the Met said: “At approximately 10 a.m., police received reports that a group of protesters had stuck themselves on the road at the intersection of Vauxhall Bridge and Gillingham Street. Officers were immediately at the scene and dealt with the situation.”

“All protesters who stuck themselves on the road were safely removed by specially trained officers.”

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