Expect Matt Eberflus to use the Tony Dungy method in the fields

Chicago Bears The crowd is tense. This is not surprising. They have seen this movie way too much. The young quarterback with too many promises doesn’t seem to stray from his own way and seems completely mired in the NFL. Many ask the inevitable questions about whether he has what it takes to play in the league. People keep trying to explain his struggles to a bad offensive line and not receiving weapons. In fact, he can’t make 297 passing yards, two touchdowns, four interceptions, and a 50.0 pass rating. Not when your team is second in the league in a hurry. Coach Matt Eberfels is central to all of this.

inherit Justin Fields. The child was not recruited. This seems very important, considering the prestige of things. If the struggles continue, it is hard not to feel that Eberflus will have to make a difficult decision. The first is that he consider joining the young midfielder with the more experienced Trevor Simian. The other is whether he and GM Ryan Poles might have to consider the idea of ​​drafting the quarterback in 2023.

To answer these questions, it is important that you understand the person’s ibberlus.

This guy comes from the same training stock as Hall of Famer Tony Dungy. He uses the same philosophies that Dungy did during his tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts, from setting high standards for strength to rating players on the loaf. Not many remember that Dungy also faced a situation similar to Eberflus. That’s from inheriting a former first-round midfielder from the previous system who was struggling.

No, it wasn’t Peyton Manning. she was Trent Delever. Dungy joined the Buccaneers in 1996. Dilfer had just thrown four touchdowns and 18 interceptions the previous season. It was brutal. The new coach has understood the situation, but will not pull the plug. Instead, Dungy decided to play the long game. Sat with the property and front desk to have a chat. It has been proven to save Delfer’s career.

“When I came to Tampa in 1996, they drafted Trent Delever with the sixth pick in the draft. Rich McKay and I sat and said, ‘We’re going to play Trent Delever for two years.'” I don’t care if we don’t win a game, and I don’t care if we go to the Super Bowl. He will play, because We have to see if he justifies this sixth choice. Is he our man? And we were all on board with that. And that is how it should be.”

Matt will let Eberfloss Fields play.

At first, Dongyi’s decision seemed questionable. The quarterback threw six touchdowns and 13 interceptions during the first nine games of the ’96 season. Then things started to change a bit. Over his last seven matches, Dilfer has had six touchdowns and six interceptions, improving his completion percentage and passer rating. It was enough for the coach to justify sticking with the original decision to give him another year. In 1997, Dilfer had his best season as a professional, making the Pro Bowl with 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

This is where Matt Eberflus is now. He is committed to letting the Fields play this season. The Bears don’t expect to win the Super Bowl this year. It’s about developing and finding out the young players who will be part of their long-term plans. The only way to know if a quarterback has what it takes in the NFL is to let him play through the struggles. Either he will find a way out of it, or he won’t.

So it is best that the bears prepare themselves accordingly.

There is a strong possibility that the passing match will be difficult to watch for most of this season. Iberflos will likely accept that. Not because he is a masochist. That is because he must know for sure whether or not Fields can be his man. The worst thing he could do is pull the plug too soon on a young player, especially in the middle. If Dungy can stick it out with Dilfer, he can do the same with Fields.

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