Explaining the confusing ‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 6 trailer

HBO’s Dragon House Delivered bloody ring 5. But if you’re past the credits to watch a preview of Episode 6, you might feel a little confused. Suddenly, we see New actors in the main roles And the plot has jumped years into the future, as we discover… King Viserys? What is happening in Westeros here?

Spoilers ahead, of course.

How far did the show jump in time?

The preview begins with a dragon bird, then a member of the king’s small council said, “We must take up the latest developments in the Stepstones.” Wait, didn’t Prince Daemon actually do that so easily by cutting the Crabfeeder in half? Oh, wait, this isn’t a reboot. Stepstones gives Viserys ulcers again.

Queen Aliscent, now played by 28-year-old Olivia Cooke instead of 19-year-old Emily Curry, helpfully tells us that it’s been a decade since Damon fought that fight, and since then he’s left the territory unprotected. Was his permanent job supposed to be to move forward? He does not leave much time for wife-killing and cheating with nieces. But what we take from this: It’s about 10 years in the future, so get ready to see your favorite and least favorite aged characters and, in some cases, rehash them.

New Rhaenyra and Alicent, same old feud

Then the camera moves to Princess Rainera, Previously played by Millie Alcock, 22, is now played by Emma Darcy, 30. From the way Reinera corrects her queen and ex-boyfriend, and the way Aliscent hits her head and gives Reinera the look of death, it seems that they haven’t repaired their friendship. the past ten years.

long live the king

Hey! That’s King Viserys on the table, isn’t it? He is still played by Paddy Considine. And while he does seem to need some cream lotion, and looks pretty faint, at least he’s not dead, which is surprising considering how scarred he was. How many fingers do I hold, Your Highness? These leeches must know their business.

Egon grows up

Then, Lars Strong, the man with clubfoot who poured tea around the contraceptive moon tea in episode 5He is heard asking, “What are children but a weak point?” I really hate this guy, Littlefinger style.

However, his line is the perfect prelude to introducing us to the next generation of Targaryens. We see Targaryen the Younger, most likely Aliscent II’s son, Aymond, facing a dragon. Then we see Aegon who is now a teen, the first son of Viserys and Alicent, and a member of the royal family who wants so much from the kingdom to be Viserys’ heir – simply because he’s male and Rhaenyra isn’t. (Tom Glenn Carney is now playing Egon, which shouldn’t be a huge adaptation since we’ve barely seen the child actor play him before.) He’s being trained to fight (maybe his opponent is Rhinera’s son?) and Egon looks very conceited.

He also wears green, the color of his mother’s house, as we hear her say, “You will be ours.” She appears to have received a signal from her father Otto and is now pushing her son to the throne, not her old friend Rhinera.

Rhinera mother

Reinera marries Lenore Villarion in Episode 5, shortly after the princess’s protector, Sir Creston Cole, beats the man Lenore really loved to death in a prenuptial ceremony that turns bloody. The couple agreed that they would find sex elsewhere, and it appears from the inspection that many people in the kingdom believe that Rhinera’s children are not her husband’s biological offspring.

Furthermore, she has been seen carrying a baby alongside a little boy. Her kids don’t have the stunning Targaryen blonde hair that she and Laenor do; Instead they have brown hair. This seems to be what Queen Aliscent babbles about when she says, “Having one child like that is a mistake, having three children is an insult.”

So when you see a dark-haired kid, it’s probably Rhinera’s, and the little blondes of Aliscent. One of Rhinera’s sons utters “Dracarys!” The matter and its dragon lights someone up. I guess it’s a goat, not a person, but either way… Oh!

Marriage is everything in the family

We also see a mother and daughter who appears to be pregnant with Lina Villarion and her child. Laena has also been recast and grown up, now played by Nana Blondel. And who is her husband who was seen riding dragons with her? It sure looks like Prince Damon (Matt Smith). Yes, they are related. Yes, they got married and had kids anyway, like almost everyone else on this show. VC Andrews has nothing on George R.R. Martin. Also, don’t get in their way, as this is one pair who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Sir Creston changes sides

Sir Kriston Cole (Fabian Frankel) started out as Rahinera’s protector, then murdered her husband’s lover at her wedding, and now he might be on the side of Queen Aliscent, who spoke to him about killing himself at Goodswood at the end of Episode 5. He watched Ser Harwin Strong (Ryan Corr) fight, Also known as Harwin Breakbones, known for his power. If Ser Harwin is now Rhaenyra’s protector, this could be basically an Alicent-Rhaenyra proxy fight here. stay tuned

Episode 6 of House of the Dragon will air September 25 on HBO Max.

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