FOX Sports Films celebrates baseball great David Ortiz with a comprehensive exclusive documentary

FOX Sports Films has announced a new original documentary celebrating baseball great and FOX MLB analyst David Ortiz, who is arguably the most clutch player in MLB Posteason history.

David Ortiz: LEGEND OF THE FALL premieres Friday, October 14 on FS1 following MLB Posteason’s live coverage of the network and invites fans to tune in along with the 10-time All-Star and three-time World Series Champion as he embarks on an epic journey into and out of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Big Papi, as he is affectionately known, is reflected in his incredible baseball career and the pivotal moments that propelled him to legendary status.

“David Ortiz is one of the most beloved characters on and off the field, and FOX Sports is thrilled to highlight one of us during this historic and iconic moment in his career,” said Barry Nugent, Vice President of Development. and original programming, FOX Sports. “He continues to bring so much delight to baseball fans at large, and we are thrilled to give these fans a front row seat on Big Papy baseball’s journey to his induction into the Hall of Fame.”

“This movie sends a message to my fans that if you have faith and don’t give up, you can achieve your dreams,” Ortiz said. “I have been very fortunate to have achieved what I have achieved and am humbled to have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I am honored that FOX Sports, Check Point Productions and my Big Papi Productions have captured my baseball career and special moments on the board – giving me the gift of being able to reclaim these Precious times of my life. I am equally proud of my accomplishments off the field and being able to share them with my family and community. I hope my fans enjoy the movie as much as you do.”

David Ortiz: LEGEND OF THE FALL provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the many intimate moments captured on his way to baseball’s final crown. Besides showcasing the field tournaments that led to multiple world championships and series, the film recaps the dynamic interactions and the many celebrations that precede and follow the Hall of Fame extrapolation.

David Ortiz: LEGEND OF THE FALL includes illuminating, exclusive interviews from a star-studded lineup of teammates and competitors who know him well while also showing memorable footage from the induction party and afterglow after Ortiz is honored as a baseball major past and present, family members, friends and ardent Red Sox fans. They are enjoying this important event. The documentary also follows Ortiz back to his beloved home in the Dominican Republic, as he pursues business ventures that not only create jobs, but are also 100% committed to sustainability.

During his 14 years in Boston, Ortiz dramatically changed the course of Red Sox history with several clutch performances that led to a damn-crushing historic title in 2004. Altogether, with Big Papi leading the team, the Red Sox won three World SERIES Championships in Less than 10 years old, Ortiz became a fan favorite and was revered among the Red Sox Nation. Every night the stadium buzzed with loud chants of “Big Pape” that reverberated from Fenway Park to his home country of the Dominican Republic.

His likable personality and leadership presence on the board helped foster both the winning team and the culture of unity. It was never touching when Ortiz spoke from the heart, following the Boston Marathon attack in 2013. After retiring from baseball, he quickly moved on to his next chapter of life – broadcasting. Ortiz made his broadcast debut with FOX Sports during the 2014 WORLD SERIES and has continued to appear on the network as an MLB studio analyst ever since.

David Ortiz: LEGEND OF THE FALL is produced by Check Point Productions in association with Big Papi Productions. The production team includes Emmy Award winners David Cheek, Tim Mullen, Jackie Decker and Danny Field. David Ortiz and Alex Radetsky serve as executive producers, as well as Eric Shanks of FOX Sports, Mark Silverman, Charlie Dixon, and Barry Nugent.

FOX Sports Films is dedicated to presenting world class sports documentaries through an unconventional and entertaining lens. Working with FOX Sports’ league and conference partners, the brand produces original programming that connects live sporting events with sporting culture.

Watch the first teaser look here:

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