Garcel Puvis’ son, Oliver, allegedly cheated on his wife with Raquel Levis

Samantha Saunders – the wife of the eldest son of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Oliver Saunders, accused him of cheating on her with Raquel Levis, among other women.

Samantha took Instagram Friday to summon her husband for his alleged behavior, claiming she “discovered” he was “made” with the “Vanderpump Rules” star while the cameras were rolling for season 10.

According to Samantha, Oliver—who has been working at Vanderpump à Paris in Las Vegas for Lisa Vanderpump for the past few months—”plans to continue going on a date with Raquel while filming.”

She claimed he “committed adultery with co-workers and restaurant guests,” and did not name anyone other than Levis, 27.

Raquel Levis at Cirque du Soleil
Oliver works at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant in Las Vegas, while Levis stars in “Vanderpump Rules.”
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In addition to infidelity, Samantha Oliver, 31, has been accused of making “jokes.” [her] Mental health and suicidal thoughts with [his] Co-workers.”

“Complete[d] To lie to me and say he wanted to work on things but behind my back he kept on[d] for speaking ill of me and disavowing me being a stepfather,” she wrote.

Emotionally and financially, Samantha claims to have helped Oliver “get back”. [his] After battling a strong addiction” and allegedly leaving her “debts of thousands of dollars”.

Garcel Povis and Oliver Saunders On
Oliver’s mother, “RHOBH” star Garcel Puvis, asked Vanderpump to consider him for a job earlier this year.
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“I was told to keep silent! DIVORCE-iamoliversaunders,” she wrote, explaining to Page Six exclusively, “Garcel did not want to speak about her in public. That is why she unfollowed me and blocked me.”

Samantha and Oliver share 2-year-old son Oliver Jr., while she, too Mum of three more children. She claims that he “did not respect [her] And the [her] children in every possible way.

“My family will now need time to heal from all this pain that we have been through in public and behind closed doors. Please keep us in your prayers,” she concluded her explosive message, making sure to note that she had “receipts of everything!!”

Garcel Povis takes a selfie with Samantha Saunders and her four children
Samantha is the mother of four children, the youngest of whom she shares with Oliver.
samantha4saunders / Instagram

Samantha then posted on her Instagram Story a barrage of screenshots purporting to show Oliver’s exchanges with several anonymous women, as well as feminine messages to Samantha telling her of her husband’s alleged behaviour.

In the letters, Oliver allegedly sent sexual advances to the women, telling some of them he would book them a hotel room to stay, and even went so far as to receive lewd videos and photos.

“BTW Olive is a guest on Vanderpump Rules! Did not pay him! Samantha made sure to add. “He’s publicly cheating on Raquel on camera just for fame! No bag! It’s not worth losing your family for this! “

in Since then deleted reply Oliver wrote via his Instagram Story, “I apologize to my two mothers who put my business out there. We are launching a divorce.” Since then, he has made his account private.

Oliver Saunders, Raquel Leavis, Christina Kelly, Lala Kent and Katie Maloney in a photo
Oliver, who posted this photo with Levis last month, only responded by announcing his divorce from Samantha.
iamoliversaunders / Instagram

Last month, Oliver post a picture It shows him standing alongside Levis and some of her co-stars, including Lala Kent and Katie Maloney. “A little futuristic surprise 🎥🍿😉 #vanderpumprules,” he captioned the photo.

Meanwhile, Bovis, 55, and Vanderpump, 61 were was seen filming in Pump In West Hollywood on Thursday.

Levis, Oliver, Buffet and Vanderpump did not immediately respond to Big Six’s inquiries, while Bravo declined to comment.

Levis is currently involved in another alleged controversial relationship Includes Maloney’s estranged husband, Tom Schwartz.

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