Giants may actually be viewable

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the New York Giants aren’t bad, because they are. The list is still deprived of talent, and it is also very expensive. This is because the previous regime apparently had a penchant for not just acquiring bad players, but to pay them as much as they could be paid according to the rules of the league. The new braintrust hasn’t had the time or space to properly clean the tubes, so the soccer product to be shown this year will still be completely undrinkable and contaminated with many germs and toxins. Six wins would be a miracle. Dave Gittleman must be tried in The Hague for his crimes. I forgot where I was going when I started this blog. Right! I’m not saying the New York Giants aren’t bad. But they might be more interesting about it.

Aldabulbil It’s available in drugstores throughout the New York metropolitan area, though I’m in no rush to totally get it; One game is one game, even if it’s a 21-20 upset by the Nashville Titans. But new head coach Brian Daboul and new offensive coordinator Mike Kafka have shown a promising commitment to maximizing the things that work and minimizing the things that don’t in a team with too little of the former, too much of the latter, and long-term resistance against. recognition that is. In Sunday’s game, as it is supposed to be in many other games, it meant a lot of Saquon Barkley and a little bit of Daniel Jones. But what’s more, the connection to play was creative and daring – a million miles away Joe Judge calls two QB offsides at the expense of Team 4 To prepare a penalty better.

After New York tied the game on the back of two separate 60-yard games, Tennessee regained the lead, and the Giants had another chance. The competent little drive – short passes, Barkley runs, and even a determined delivery to WR Kadarius Toney – was about to stop at the edge of the red. There, in the fourth loss where stopping meant the game, the Giants went on to break. They called Jones, who has the ability to move but rarely summons plays to use it, an illegitimate nudity of Lady Godiva. It was the kind of gameplay where if it worked, it worked, but if it was blown up, it had no chance and it would be humiliating to boot. It worked:

[A]The players said, “Damn, yeah” they were going to win then.

“We’ll be aggressive,” Daboll said. “This is what we want to do. This is the mentality I want the players to have.”

Well, it wasn’t that simple. The Giants still had to sign up, which they did, for another unexpected call. That was a lane one yard long to Kris Mayrick is wide open, listed as the first end of the full string and the narrow end of the third string; It was his fourth reception in three seasons in the NFL. “That’s why it’s such a good call,” Mayrick said. “They expect [a handoff to Barkley] And it makes it easier for me to get off the defensive end because he expects to run as well.”

Then came the moment to sign Daboll into the decision to go for two, and try to finish the game in regulation. (Joe Judge may have asked the admin if he was allowed to bet.) And why not? The Giants have absolutely nothing to lose this season but pride, and that would be healthy for an organization that usually clings to their pesky brand of lack of excitement. They will likely gain some small wins which will be set, but may also get some player development and evaluation and an adjustment to the institutional position. All of these endings appear to be well served by a coach indicating his confidence in an offense he lacks. “go win” Daboll described it later. “We’re going to be aggressive. That’s what we want to do. That’s the mentality I want the players to have. If it doesn’t work, I can live with it.”

After this decision was carried out by defensive players on the bench – not giving them the opportunity to call it off, but only telling them he was thinking of them, and that his decision was not a reflection of his confidence in them getting a stop – Daboll continued the attack on the field and asked Kafka for a small shovel pass to Barkley, Who scrambled around one defender and threw across another to pay the salary.

It almost does not matter. Tennessee could have won if Randy Bullock had not missed 47 yards by the time out. but he she did Mistakes, which is the thing that sometimes happens when you take the lead and force your opponent to keep up. The Giants haven’t had anything like initiative for years now – hell, this short 1-0 stay marks the first time they’ve had a winning record since 2016. It might not last. It almost certainly won’t. But giants Brian Daboll have already shown more flashes of creativity and insolence than ever in the shadow of previous players. And at the very least, Daboll’s promise is that if they’re going to lose, he won’t make you sit all the extra time for it.

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