Giulio Zanicelli from Parma to San Francisco

Golfando’s journey to discover American Golf College continues. This time it is spoken by twenty-year-old Giulio Zanicelli, who traveled from Parma to San Francisco. From there he recounts his days in the field and in the classroom.

Giulio Zanicelli, statements

“Having started golf only five years ago, college golf is a great opportunity for me to develop, improve and gain more experience. The goal is to face myself professionally. I believe college golf is an important stage for every golfer.

Already competing at a high level and at the same time taking a course of study for a possible future not as a professional at the green level allows you. “From an early age, as a first sport, I have always played football.

Golf was only for the summer, on vacation. Real passion was born at the age of sixteen. In 2018, I made the decision that changed my life: I quit football and fell in love with golf. This sport has never given me so much emotion before. Over the years the passion has grown more and more, to the point that he is looking forward to a career.”

“Organization is one of the most important skills you need to be a student-athlete. It wasn’t hard to get used to American rhythms, I’ve always been a meticulous and methodical person. Personally, it helped me have accurate schedules during the day, a constant routine and prepare my body and mind to allow me to keep up with all obligations”

“Golf helped me improve both technically and mentally. During this first year I trained daily on the court and in the gym. Knowing that I was playing for a team and for a university pushed me to do my best. He reassured me that I was not alone but supported by my teammates and the coach.

Everything helped me to remain disciplined and rigorous.” “I advise you to carefully evaluate the options for your future by seizing the opportunities that life offers. I would tell them to follow the heart and strongest feelings.

We have to be brave and sometimes we choose the hardest path, get out of our comfort zone and have once in a lifetime experiences. Traveling, learning new languages ​​and a career is a life project.”

“In Giulio Zanicelli’s opinion, American golf courses are better taken care of. The biggest difference is the greens, which are often big, fast and wavy. Apart from this, there are different types of campgrounds based on area.

My team and I are training in a field similar to the Italian field, narrow and with many trees. Sometimes we happened to play in broad and less punitive fields.” “My family has always supported my desire to live this unforgettable experience.

Realizing the extent of this choice, the parents were the first to support and convince me of the validity and high formative value of this experience in the United States if, as in my case, I lived with great enthusiasm, earnestness and determination.

There was no hesitation on their part, despite the fact that they were going to the other side of the world at only 18 years old. They have always been proud and happy from day one. They have always listened and encouraged me during this adventure in the United States.”

“During a national competition, in the summer between High School 4th and 5th, I met a group of three professionals who launched Project: The Road to the USA. It is a great initiative that allows young golfers to learn more about university outlets in America by combining sport and study.

Thanks to them I met Francesco Tippano from Athletes USA, who accompanied me from the start. The opportunity to study abroad in English and to compete in a team at a university strengthened my belief in choosing this path.

First: It is necessary to work well in school and sports to secure a place in the team and within the university. It is important that you never let your guard down and always do your best to improve yourself and get results.

Second: you need to be prepared to face a different life, far from your loved ones. At first we are alone and immersed in a foreign language: at the same time life is as stimulating and constructive as

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