How fast can Cubs player Brennen Davis help a big league team in 2023?

Many expected the summit Cubs Brennen Davis will likely make his major league debut sometime in 2022 before a back injury sidelined him for most of the summer.

Davis returned to the field in early August and finished the season with Triple-A Iowa, which begs the question: When will he be able to help the Cubs in 2023?

“When my time is called, I want to be ready to help the team succeed,” Davis said on Sunday. “That’s all I can do. When my time comes, I will be ready to help the team win.”

Ready in Spring Training to compete for a spot on the Opening Day roster?

“I would be ready if that was the vision the club saw for me,” Davis said.

Davis embraced the challenges the Cubs presented him time and time again, from spending 2020 in their alternate position during the canceled minor league season to promoting Triple-A late in the season last year.

Next may be to prepare the first roster for the opening day of the big league. Sure enough, there could be a chance of prospect number 2 for the Cubs (according to MLB Pipeline), where playing time is likely to be in the center at first glance.

Cubs President Jed Hoyer said he expects to be aggressive this winter, but the center is not an obvious target location. The Cubs are expected to explore the short market and start pitching to the markets.

Even with Christopher Morrell’s solid junior season, the Cubs appreciate his ability to play multiple positions.

Hi Davis?

After a solid season in 2021, Davis faced a challenge in 2022, to say the least. Limited to 178 players at bat and 53 games.

He dealt with a back issue early in the season that required surgery and at one point looked like he could be sidelined for the rest of 2022.

“It was a huge challenge and I didn’t have to go through that kind of ordeal,” Davis said of his season. “Like the whole performance aspect of the thing and there’s just general health.

“It was affecting my day at home,” he added of the return issue. “I couldn’t sit up straight or watch TV. It sucked. And then trying to compete on the field as well, it just wasn’t a recipe for success.

“I’m happy to get over that and keep building and get back to where I know I can be.”

After missing out for more than three months, Davis returned to the field on a rehab assignment with the Arizona Complex League Cubs and High-A South Bend in August.

He returned to Iowa later that month and said he was in good health.

“I feel so much better than I did,” Davis said. “I am happy to be back and finish the year healthy and excited to go on to continue playing in the Arizona Fall League. It’s really good to be healthy.”

Davis, who will soon head to Arizona, was in town this weekend with roughly a dozen prospective Cubs team members for mentoring of some sort—meeting with the front office, coaching staff, and more.

He is not planning to play winter ball, but rather focus on his training regimen in the weight room to prepare physically for 2023.

Davis’ development trajectory has been quite interesting, even before this season. He only played 50 games in 2019, played in the alternate location in 2020 and started 2021 in Single-A.

Through it all, he played alongside some of the best potential players in the Cubs Farm system. During a rehabilitation mission in August, he Share an outdoor space With Pete Crowe Armstrong and Owen Casey.

“[The Cubs have] “I’ve got a huge range of players through the system,” Davis said. “There’s no doubt that there are pieces that will definitely be part of the next core of the Chicago Cubs.”

Including himself, perhaps as soon as next spring.

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