How long do fans and royalty tolerate the Patriots being a team in the middle of the pack?

New England Patriots vs Las Vegas Raiders

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After a slow 2021 season that started slowly, improved dramatically, and then exploded at 30 points after losing the Bills, the Patriots look normal, at best. How long can coach Bill Belichick survive a normal?

It’s just a question, not an expectation or assessment that the heat on his seat may, could, or will be at any time. Yes the owner of Bob Craft openly lamented In March the fact that the Patriots had not won a playoff game in three years. However, this is a far cry from ownership until beginning to think about life without Belichick, the greatest NFL coach of all time.

On the other hand, fans may at least consider the possibilities of what comes next and when. Local TV ratings were Sharp drop for the first weekCompared to last year’s average. They have been spoiled by two decades of constant squabbling. Now, Bates is sliding backwards toward the pack. forgetting to pay bills; Suddenly they can’t compete with dolphins.

The Patriots usually get better as the season begins. It’s been one of the harsh realities of the past decade, as job deal practice adjustments have given Belichick fewer opportunities to get his team fully operational before the first week. But honestly, other teams are succeeding outside the gates. At some point, it’s fair to ask why Belichick didn’t shift toward preparing his team in a way that would allow them to do better in the first 4-6 weeks of the season?

And yes, it worked for most of the decade. So it didn’t. until Tom Brady the left. Brady’s success in Tampa has since become the definitive comparison between quarterback and coach. Belichick, a master at finding a way to use his coaching skills to win close matches, now has a team that may have a hard time keeping him close.

In the last two games counted, the Patriots won 67-24. by two of the AFC’s eastern competitors, Bells & Dolphin.

Despite lingering questions about quality and training in attack, the Patriots are little favorites in Pittsburgh today. The odds makers probably know something the rest of us don’t. The Patriots may turn things around today, with those 2-3 layoffs going Miami way last week in New England fashion this week.

Or maybe the Halcyon days are really over for the Patriots. Brady was probably more than Belichick. Perhaps the Patriots, who have endured the inevitable departure of their quarterback, will start thinking about the inevitable departure of their coach.

It’s a question I’ve asked this week in various communications with people across the league. Some believe that Belichick will retire before he is asked to leave. (Even if he were asked to leave, he would probably be sold as a pensioner.) At least one of them saw that Kraft would never fire Belichick because Belichick “knows a lot”.

Regardless, there is currently a strange feeling coming from the entire team. Does it come from a post-Josh McDaniels approach of assigning the offense to a pair of former Patriots assistant coaches who were not offensive coaches turned former head coaches turned Patriots assistant coaches who are now offensive coaches? Is it due to Belichick’s inability to fire his sons if they weren’t good enough and, as a consequence, any and every other helper on the crew? Is it due to the fact that coach Bill Belichick can no longer overcome Bill Belichick’s failures de facto GM?

Whatever the reason, the effect is something that certainly seems unpatriotic. Today’s loss would make the Patriots 0-2 for the first time since 2001. While this team flipped and won its first Super Bowl, there’s no Tom Brady lurking on the depth chart, waiting for his chance to take over the league.

Many call the NFL a What have you done for me lately? league. More precisely, it is What are you doing for me now and what can I expect you will do for me tomorrow? This is the standard that Belichick always applies to his players. When will it be applied?

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