How Seinfeld and Friends and Crazy About You had a common universe in the ’90s

between Marvel, DC, Star Wars And countless crossovers on TV, Shared Universes are all the rage now. While the general public may be familiar with these famous connections, there is a common fact that everyone has forgotten. In the early 1990s, NBC coined the term “must watch TV” and launched a host of hit shows that audiences didn’t want to miss. Some of these offers included Buddy, your mad and legendary Seinfeld.

What many people don’t know is that these essential nutrients were all in the same universe. NBC had a slew of popular shows – the intersection of characters was the next logical step. TV crossovers were nothing new at the time, as The Flintstones met George Jetson and his family a decade ago. However, NBC set out to do more than just a few cameos. They were making a world where all their shows were.

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This fun related fact started crazy of you In season one, episode eight is titled “The Apartment” when Paul Buchman discusses giving up the old “bachelor’s pillow” he’s been contracting with since his marriage to Jimmy. When Paul arrived in his ancient land, he only found Seinfeld Cosmo Kramer’s clown neighbor. The two discussed the apartment while Kramer acted erratically as ever, and after some wise advice, Paul gifted the apartment to the TV icon. The two ended the interaction when Paul asked, “What happened to that guy Jerry?” Kramer got to know Jerry as writing a comedy for NBC.

crazy of you He continued to build this universe when he introduced the estranged waitress Ursula Buffay, portrayed by Lisa Kudrow. Kudrow will go on to star as fan favorite Phoebe Buffay friends. NBC decided this was the perfect opportunity for another crossover, and it was revealed that the two characters are twins. Joey Tribbiani has dated Phoebe’s sister and crazy of youJimmy and Fran confuse Phoebe and Ursula when they visit Central Perk.

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These crossovers catapulted from small bonds to an entire world when NBC aired one of its most popular marketing feats, “Blackout Thursday” in 1994. In order to promote all of its hit shows, the network decided to have one major event affecting every episode The new series. The blackout started when Jaime Buchmann started from crazy of you It caused a citywide blackout due to tampering with cables on the roof of her home. This caused all sorts of havoc that fueled the plots of the other series.

There were noticeable repercussions of the power outage friends When Chandler Bing is trapped in an ATM vestibule with model Jill Goodacre. The event influenced even a lesser-known comedy series on NBC, crazy peoplewhen this show’s title character was set for loot while powering up. Seinfeld He did not participate in the event, but his previous association with crazy of you He’s still connected to the world of NBC.

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This shared universe was far ahead of its time. The little vignettes turned out to be a giant reality that all of NBC’s notable sitcoms live on. Caroline Duffy from Caroline in town featured in friends Season 2, Episode 6 “The One with the Baby on the Bus.” freezerNiles Crane, the distinguished character, played by David Hyde Pierce, appeared in the first season of Caroline in town. And of course, freezer It was by itself emanating from cheersAdding those three shows to the same universe.

This complex and fun universe continued to grow as NBC continued to hit gold with their sitcoms. Most people view Marvel as the greatest connected universe in entertainment, but NBC was doing the same before it became popular. This iconic set of crossovers happened long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe or any of today’s TV show franchises — but it has mostly faded into obscurity.

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