Interfaith dialogue sees increase in requests for assistance; Keefe Flowers, “Thanksgiving Thursday” in Beacon helps raise funds

Keefe Flowers assists various non-profit organizations by donating a portion of package purchases to charity. 20% of proceeds from purchases of charitable packages from October through the end of December will support Interfaith of Natrona County. (Interfaith Communication in Natronic County, Facebook)

Casper, Yu – people who want to support Interfaith Dialogue in Province Natrona And the work you do to provide emergency assistance to people living at or below the poverty level in the Casper region has some opportunities ahead to do so.

Interfaith Partnership with kefi flowers To raise money by selling charitable packages and you’ll also get some support from the “Thankful Thursday” fundraising event at beacon club in Mills.

It was founded in 1984 and is one of the oldest social service organizations in the area, Lindsey Tempest, director of Interfaith in Natrona County, said Friday. She added that while the nonprofit receives some funding from the state of Wyoming and the United Way, it is primarily funded by donations from local churches and individuals.

If people purchase charitable bouquets from Keefe Flowers, 1745 CY Avenue, between October and the end of December, 20% of the proceeds will go to support interfaith relationships. The flower shop offers a different arrangement of charitable bouquets each month. Tempest said if people want to support interfaith dialogue, they should make sure they specifically ask Keefe for a charitable package.

The October bouquet arrangement features roses and sunflowers.

“It’s a great package,” Tempest said.

Interfaith will also get some support from a Thanksgiving Thursday event on October 13 at Beacon Club, 4100 west of Yellowstone Highway in Mills.

There will be a live auction, 50/50 lottery tickets, a duck game and a chance for people to win $500 during the “Thankful Thursday” interfaith fundraising campaign, Tempest said. While the live auction begins at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, doors will open at 5 p.m. and people can talk and try new barbecue foods available.

If people have things they’d like to donate to Thursday’s silent auction, they can contact Interfaith at 307-235-8043 or email by Tuesday.

Interfaith has moved to a new office at 919 N. Durbin St. in Casper This summer, Tempest said the nonprofit is loving its new home.

Interreligious Dialogue has seen a surge in requests for emergency assistance recently.

“We have seen a significant increase in rental and utility orders as well as gas for vehicle orders,” Tempest said. “[In] Last year, rent and utilities [requests] Maybe they were twice as high as they were in the past.”

Another service that Interfaith offers is helping people obtain identification documents such as identity cards, driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Without these documents, Tempest noted, people would not be able to apply for jobs or a range of social services.

“We pay a lot of people to get IDs,” she said.

The nonprofit also helps provide everything from coats, household items, and diapers to blankets, steel-toed boots, and hard hats for work. As winter approaches, Tempest said Interfaith can accept donations of coats, hats and gloves. Since it does not have space to accommodate a full wardrobe, donations of other types of clothing are not accepted. Interfaith works with some thrift stores in the area and provides vouchers to people in need of clothing.

The much-needed items at Interfaith at this time are travel-size shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and lotions. Tempest noted that the reason why travel-size items are needed is because some of the people Interfaith helps are homeless, and full-size toiletry containers can be difficult to carry.

People who require assistance from Interfaith of Natrona County are encouraged to call 307-235-8043 to make an appointment.

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