It’s a Korean day at Racing Host

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A Korean day in Victory Lane at Host Highway. (Photo by Taylan Purvath)

Brandon, SD – Cory Day, Matt Steuerwald and Dusty Ballinger won the Grand Prix Sunday at Host Speedway, which hosted the Royal River Casino Night.

Additionally, season 1 track champion Jacob Hughes was crowned by winning the Wyffels Hybrids RaceSaver Sprint Series title by just one point in a championship fight that went down the wire.

“Oh that’s cool,” he said. “We made it. We are champions. My dad and I worked for this and I am proud to bring this trophy back to our store.”

Day made the most of Hossett’s motorcycling debut by driving the last 10 of 25 laps of the Casey 410 Sprint Cars 410 Sprint cars supplied by Big Frig to become the seventh winner in the division this season.

Caleb Johnson held the point for the first 15 laps, highlighted by a gritty battle in heavy traffic as the top four drivers were within two seconds near the race’s halfway point. Perform a day slide roll action after the final restart of the race.

“It started sticking rubber up there like a driveway from above,” he said. “I figured I was hoping to hit him better than him in one and two (I can) push him in three and four.”

Immediately after Day made his move on Johnson’s Ryan Thames, he advanced to second and closed within a few car lengths of the day before jumping on the cushion in Turn 1 and 2 in the closing laps.

“I was just trying to get as many cars in there as possible,” Day said. “He has a few more races here than I have and he knows how to work and I don’t really do that. I didn’t know where he was, if he was behind me or not, so I kept trying to put several wrap cars behind us.”

Timms rebounded from the near accident with a wall and closed the gap to finish second in 0.693sec.

“Every time I approached someone, I would pick up their polluted air and put them in the fence,” he said. “That’s kind of what we got tonight. I felt like we were the fastest car on the track so I’m still happy with it.”

Ayrton Genten scored the third place result.

“I started in front of them and it felt like we had a good car,” he said. “I just screwed up. I shouldn’t have let Corey get me, and then I should have let Ryan about eight or 10 laps. We did a good job. Third, nothing to hang our heads on.”

Johnson scored a fourth place result and Justin Henderson wrapped up the top five.

Steuerwald took the lead in Lap 11 and held onto the pole position for the last eight laps to score his third leading race win at Nordstrom’s Automotive Late Street Stocks this season and the third of his career.

“There was no breathing room tonight,” he said. “The track was a little tricky. You have to do what you have to do to win. I could see JJ starting to move a little bit and as he went forward he was skating more and more. I started going half throttle around the corner. When he was inflating his tires, I went half throttle. “.

Colby Claassen moved up to second – 1.528 seconds behind Steuerwald – with JJ Zebell, who took the first 10 laps, and finished third. Tim Dunn finished fourth and Dustin Gulbrandson came fifth.

Ballinger led the Wyffels Hybrids RaceSaver Sprint series main event distance, which was cut short to 15 laps after numerous red flags and cautions during the first nine laps. I celebrated him in his thirtiesThe tenthWinning at the Speedway Hoste.

“I just love this place,” he said. “They did a good job when they reworked the track. We’re rolling really well now. It was good to win. Congratulations to Jacob Hughes, Lee Goos and all the competitors here this year. The 305s are clearly out there with the 410s to compete.”

Lee Goos Jr. presents , who finished second after Hughes in the championship standings, moved from fourth to second with passes near the advantage’s midpoint. He closed a few cars away on Ballinger, who climbed onto the track to Goos Jr.’s favorite higher groove. In the closing laps, he continued to win by 0.766 seconds.

Kobe Werkmeister rounded out the podium with Blaine Stejinga in fourth and Brandon Bosma fifth.

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