Jimmy Garoppolo agrees to contract restructuring, and will remain with the San Francisco 49ers this season

SANTA CLARA, CA – After a season hiatus in which divorce seemed almost certain, San Francisco 49ers team and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo They stay together for another season.

Sources told ESPN’s Adam Shifter Monday that Garoppolo and Niners have agreed to restructure a one-year contract worth $6.5 million as a fully guaranteed base salary. The New Look deal has another $500,000 total in the bounty list and playtime rewards that can boost it by nearly another $9 million for up to a total of $16 million if all rewards are reached.

The restructured Garoppolo contract also includes a no-trade and no-mark clause that ensures Garoppolo will serve as a backup for Tree Lance This season, and then you’ll be able to explore unrestricted free agency in 2023.

A source told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that Garoppolo and the 49ers had discussed the option to waive the no-trade clause if something developed and the 49 players could get compensation, but Garoppolo was willing to help the team and wanted to play again this season with his teammates. .

Depending on how it is structured, Garoppolo’s 2022 salary cap figure will end up somewhere between $18 million to $19 million less than the $26.9 million it was previously set to cost.

The idea of ​​Garoppolo staying with the Niners became more likely after an overseas and training camp in which the Niners were unable to find a business partner. Garoppolo had surgery on his right shoulder in March, which made trading nearly impossible, and by the time he resumed throwing in late June, most of the needy teams in the middle had already gone in a different direction.

When the training camp opened on July 26, Garoppolo reported in time and passed physically, but he did not participate in training or attend meetings and the 49ers iPad had not been issued with the game booklet.

While practicing for the Niners, Garoppolo spent his time on a side field to continue his scheduled throwing program to rehabilitate his shoulder.

Through it all, the Niners noted that keeping Garoppolo at his former expense was something they could do, although it was always unlikely. But returning it at a reduced cost always seemed like a logical option if the trade could not be completed.

On August 23, Niners coach Kyle Shanahan reiterated that no situation has been ruled out when it comes to Garoppolo.

Now, the Niners have one of the league’s most expensive backup quarterbacks but also someone who knows the offense and was under center on a trip to Super Bowl LIV and last year’s run to the NFC Championship Game.

That’s no small feat considering the team’s unsuccessful back-up players under Shanahan. The Niners were 1-1 in two of the Lance’s games starting last year, but he’s also dealt with the thumb and knee injuries that hampered his rookie season.

In games started by non-Garoppolo quarterbacks since Shanahan’s arrival in 2017, the Niners are between the ages of 8 and 28. They are 35-16 with Garoppolo at the controls.

This .673 win percentage was the fifth-best of all quarterbacks in the NFL with at least 10 starts in that time. In 52 games with the Niners (including the playoffs), Garoppolo threw for 12,124 yards (eighth in franchise history) while completing 67.1% of his attempts (eighth in the NFL in that period) averaging 8.33 yards per attempt (first in the The NFL at the time was among the eligible freshmen).

Despite this success, Garoppolo also suffered injuries and interceptions. From 2018 to 2021, he missed 25 games due to knee, ankle, tibia and thumb injuries. His 44 interceptions since taking the starting position towards the end of 2017 are linked to his 12th place in the league and 1.59 relegation to the 32nd interception percentage.

Through all the casual speculation, the Niners insisted that they would not break up with Garoppolo for nothing. They also appreciated the way he handled a strange situation in 2021.

Now, Garoppolo will once again be asked to handle a potentially awkward situation with confidence as he switches roles with Lance.

“I think Jimmy Garoppolo deserves a lot of credit for the way he handled the situation,” general manager John Lynch said after the season. “The way he didn’t just compete, the competition brings out the best in everyone, I definitely did with Jimmy, but the way he also welcomed Trey and helped him along the way, it was really nice to see him. And I think it speaks to the scale of his identity.”

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