Jon Wertheim’s 2022 WTA Award Picks

Hello all:

Let’s postpone our weekly Q&A sessions and hand out some prizes. We’ll do the WTA this week, and the ATP next week. I have no problem with media voting on sports awards. But I have a problem with media voting awards behind the cloak of anonymity. So let’s announce our picks and some additional categories:

WTA Player of the Year

Caroline Garcia
Coco Jove
Anas Jaber
Jessica Pegula
Elena Rybakina
Iga Swiatek

Spherical tennis balls. Tennis courts are rectangular. Off-season tennis is not enough. The Arthur Ashe Court is not an intimate… There are some hard truths about tennis. Here is another: Iga Swiatek He is the best player in the game today. The 2022 ballot looks very different from the 2021 ballot. But after several superstars retired and others slipped away (yes, Naomi Osaka and Simona Halep; but also Barbora Krejcikova and Emma Radukano) Swiatek got her promotion to the battlefield in 2022. She honored it by winning two of the Three bigs and went 67-9 — including a 37th straight run — on the year.

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