Lab automation product reviews to help improve your business

We’ve highlighted some product reviews that we think can help make your lab’s journey to becoming more spontaneous hassle-free.

Choosing the right sustainable laboratory equipment can be a complex decision. That’s why SelectScience® Lab product reviews can be a valuable tool, allowing you to make an informed decision and hear what other scientists have to say.

We recently launched Specialized Lab Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation, so we’ve put together some reviews about lab tools and digital tools, which can benefit your lab workflow. From fluid processors to software platforms and 3D printing, find out what kind of experiences other lab manager, researchers, and lab technicians have had with these products.

laboratory automation devices

Apricot range S.

by SPT Labtech

“Easy to use software. Easy and quick setup but also offers many different functions and options for more comprehensive scans. Reproducibility was very good in a time saving way. The tool allows medium to high throughput scans.” Ian Hammond Martell, Barraza Pharma.

MVS® Multi-channel verification system

by Artel

“The MVS system requires minimal maintenance, and the MVS Manager software is easy to use and flexible to set up various dashboard layouts to meet user needs. Customer service is very responsive and helpful.” Hyun Woo Lee, Michael Smith Center for Canadian Genomics.

The MVS system was vital to our laboratory’s operations.

Hyun Woo Lee

Canadian Michael Smith Center for Genomics, Comment on MVS® Multichannel verification system.


by INTEGRA Biosciences

“Assist plus made our lives easy in the lab. It’s fully automated and has a lower error rate compared to manual mitigations. It’s fast and consistent.” Aravind Nagarajan, Texas A&M University.

Silken Bio X


“The printer was recently installed, so we are just starting to use it. The training given by the engineers from CELLINK has been great. We have access to a lot of online resources and the CELLINK people are very helpful and happy to give advice.” Francesca Giuntini, Liverpool John Moores University.

Software and digital solutions

Hello® image analysis platform

by Indica Labs

“HALO is simply awesome! Easy to use and absolutely amazing at phenotyping cells. I am interested in immune, stroma and epithelial groups and HALO is perfect for them all. Well worth the price. I just love it!” Eogan Mulholland, University of Oxford.

VisioNize® lab suite

by eppendorf

“The Eppendorf VisioNize system allows us to monitor our Eppendorf devices. It is very easy to use and add new devices that work seamlessly. It stores all monitoring data in the cloud, so we can easily access it from anywhere and backed up at the same time.” Kilian Goss, GeneQuine Biotherapeutics.

Kim Drew

By PerkinElmer Informatics

“Chem Draw is a very versatile program for writing chemical structures, reactions, mechanisms, drawing schemes, etc. I use it for research and teaching almost every day.” Marius Belmus, Seton Hall University.

Are you using a software solution or tool that helps your lab “digitalize”?

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Your expert opinions on scientific equipment, products, or services in your lab can help other scientists decide which products are right for accelerating scientific progress, and that’s to the benefit of all of us. Do you use any of the lab products and digital solutions in this article? Leave a review today and share your experiences.

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