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Soon after starting to use hypnosis To help patients in my pediatric pulmonology practice, I went to a lecture by a well-known professor on hypnosis for patients with lung disorders. After the lecture, I went to ask him how he could handle a patient with a particular problem. The professor looked at me briefly and admitted that he did not use hypnotherapy with his patients. He said he just talked about it.

Fortunately, I am starting to see my patients improve with hypnosis, otherwise I would have concluded that this form of Psychiatric treatment It shouldn’t really work, because the professor didn’t use it alone.

Thus, when patients ask if I use hypnosis to help myself, I think it is very helpful to tell them that I have personally benefited from this mental health tool. If I had not used hypnosis, they might doubt its efficacy, just as I would doubt the professor’s point of view.

I tell my patients that I often use hypnosis to help myself fall asleep, to numb my mouth when I’m at the dentist, to calm myself down. overwrought Attitudes, my interaction with unconscious.

The subconscious mind

I explain that I greatly appreciate the insights I gained from my country unconscious. For example, during sessions with patients, I will sometimes ask for input from my subconscious regarding how best to help the patient.

I relied on my subconscious mind to solve problems for me while I slept, and then in the morning I appreciated the new ideas that came to my conscious mind. Often, it is not immediately clear how the new idea came to be, and it is fun to experiment with “Aha!” Moments when I found out.

For example, in writing this post I intended to start by saying that patients sometimes ask if I use hypnosis. I was thinking about how to move forward from that beginning, and then I fell asleep for a while. Right after I fell asleep, I remembered the professor’s lecture on hypnosis. After a bit of mental overhaul, I figured out why my subconscious reminded me of this event over 20 years ago, and I wrote the three introductory paragraphs for this post.

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Spiritual Perspective

In previous posts this year, I discussed how to achieve spiritual perspective It has been beneficial to many of my patients. Hence, sometimes, I also share some of the my soul Thoughts with my patients. I explain that thoughts from the subconscious helped advance my spiritual understanding.

For example, I’ve talked to my patients about how I’ve learned to think differently about my profession after working for several years as a pediatric pulmonologist. When you read the Torah in its original Hebrew, the relationship between soul and spirit is crystal clear scammer (Soul) has the same Hebrew root as nasty (breathes). Therefore, I had been telling colleagues for years that I considered myself a spiritual physician as a pulmonologist.

was later in my career path career path I am becoming more aware of hypnosis and how I can help people change their lives through its use. From a spiritual point of view, I realized that I had moved away from “manipulating” people, and even from being a “doctor” whose primary focus is on treating the physical body. I felt that my practice involved dealing with mind and body, and was best represented by the Hebrew word for doctor, which is rove. Literally translated, this word means “healer,” which is the way I think about myself now sometimes.

Due to my growing interest in the soul, when I had the opportunity to give a lecture in a synagogue, I focused on the Jewish perspective in relation to souls. I learned from my reading that Talmud rabbis believe that the soul has five dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and contact with God.

According to the rabbis, in the first two chapters of Genesis, the spirit is mentioned in four different ways: when the spirit of God (roach) floats on the face of the deep before the beginning of creation, and this can be described as the emotional dimension of the soul. When God breathes lifescammerIn the first human, Adam, this can be described as the mental dimension. Then Adam becomes a living being (Nfeesh Chaya), which can be described by its physical and spiritual dimensions.

Basic unconscious readings

In addition to the aforementioned soul and soul connection (Nshama / Nshima), the relationship between spirit and atmosphere in Hebrew is further emphasized given that roach It can be translated as soul and wind.

The relationship between soul, spirit, and life is found in many other sources. In the New Testament, the Greek term self Refers to breath, life, spirit, spirit, or creative power. The terms equivalent to this life force can be found in other cultures from around the world in words like prana from India, Qi And the chi from China and in order to from Japan.

nature of souls

Finally, I share with my patients my only “vision” that occurred in a semi-dream five years ago. I think the context of my vision was a talk I gave in a synagogue about the Jewish faith about the nature of the soul.

My vision appeared in the early morning of autumn, as I was He lies in the bed. I dreamed that I was giving a lecture at a pulmonology conference. All present wore Jewish prayer shawls even though they weren’t Jews, which didn’t strike me as strange in the dream state.

I noticed that during my lectures it was as if I was gently rocking my bed back and forth. When I focused my Attention When swinging it stopped, only to resume when I got back to the lecture.

I was explaining the nature of the soul to my colleagues. I showed them a diagram of a tree. I pointed to the trunk of the tree and explained that this represented God or the Spirit of God. Then I pointed out that the tree’s branches represent spirits emanating from God, yet remain connected to the source. As the branches branched so did the souls in this form. Thus I concluded that all spirits are connected to each other through this network of trees.

When I woke up, I felt that my vision provided me with a better understanding of the nature of spirits. I told a friend of mine about my vision who suggested that the tree I was giving a lecture on could be the pulmonary tree, because our lungs are structured branchingly. This suggestion made a lot of sense since I was lecturing for pulmonologists!

Moreover, if the soul network can be distinguished by a lung tree, its root is the trachea, or the main airway. This is the airway into which God breathed the first human spirit.


My interactions with my subconscious mind through hypnosis and dreams It affected my life greatly. I believe that when I share these experiences with my patients, they are inspired to explore what is inside of them wisdom similarly.

As a final reminder of the relationship between breathing and life force, I note that the word “inspiration” can refer to breathing in air as well as becoming more creative.

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