Lee Chae Yeon’s agency responds to allegations of plagiarism linking her debut solo album to SHINee’s album ‘Gasoline’ art

WM Entertainment has officially responded to allegations of plagiarism related to album art for Lee Chae Yeon’s upcoming debut album.Hash Rush. “

Earlier this week, the agency released an album packaging preview for Lee Chae Yeon’s debut mini album “HUSH RUSH,” which some have noted has similarities to Lee Chae Yeon’s album art. Shiny‘s a keyThe last solo album ofgasoline. A popular post on an online forum also noted that certain elements of Lee Chae Yeon’s teasers for “HUSH RUSH,” including images in her concept trailer, were similar to Key’s album “Gasoline.”

On October 8, WM Entertainment released an official statement addressing the alleged similarities and explaining their concept behind the album art for “HUSH RUSH.”

Hi, this is WM Entertainment.

We consider the design similarities between Lee Chae Yeon’s debut mini album “HUSH RUSH” and another artist’s album to be very unfortunate and disturbing, and in response, we are releasing a statement regarding Lee Chae Yeon’s first solo album.

1. Our artist Lee Chae Yeon’s first mini album “HUSH RUSH” compares the tension and excitement of a vampire on her first outing to the world with Lee Chae Yeon’s debut album [as a solo artist]We planned not only for her album concept but also to shoot her music video using the same concept.

Furthermore, we envisioned the album packaging as something the Generation MZ Vampire could hold, and so we designed the album cover as a transparent bag that shows things inside, with two different versions: Vampire and Influencer.

In terms of concept, the things in the “Vampire Edition” package bag are things that a vampire might carry, such as large sunglasses, blood bag, and eyeballs, while the “Influencer Edition” package consists of items that have a vampire-repelling appearance, such as Cross, garlic, cell phone and things to decorate.

In this way, we combined the idea of ​​“a vampire who wakes up in a secluded castle after 300 years and goes out into the world” with the significance of “Lee Chae Yeon’s solo debut” to create the concept of “Generation MZ Vampire.”

2. The images used in the album, such as eyeballs and lightning, are items we collected as objects to express the concept of vampires, and for the main colors of the album art, we chose shapes that are often used in horror- or Halloween-themed designs.

For the design font, we used paid fonts designed by Sandoll, Inc. and inspired by the horror genre, which perfectly suited the overall feel of the album.

3. The heart design on the front of the CD in the Influencer version of the album represents a vampire’s heart beating again after awakening, as well as a vampire’s heart racing when you encounter the new world [outside]. Plus, we added a barbed wire detail to the heart because we thought it would convey the cold and unique aura of a vampire, and the outside design company that created this album purchased the image directly from a paid photographer’s website.

4. As such, Lee Chae Yeon’s debut mini album “HUSH RUSH” is an album with a clear image and a unique narration that he wants to convey.

5. We apologize for giving cause for concern to the fans who have been waiting for Lee Chae Yeon’s debut for so long. Since it is an album that I have prepared over a long period of time, we kindly ask that you look at it warmly and show great interest in Lee Chae Yeon’s new debut and her debut mini album “HUSH RUSH”. Thank you.

You can check out Lee Chae Yeon’s album cover for “HUSH RUSH” below, and you can also check out the rest of the teasers for her upcoming solo appearance. over here.

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