Luke Combs refunded the entire concert due to an audio issue, and still performs: “We’ll give the best free show we can give”

Ol’ Luke is at it again.

Luke Combs He started falling The middle of a tour somewhere This weekend with turn back nights at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor, Maine.

Friday night, monitor lock Two children in the crowd holding a sign that reads:

“We made US$100 by stacking 5 ropes of wood, and bought 2 tickets from Luke Combs…Man, looks good. Our parents swore it was a waste of time but they were wrong.”

Today is my twelfth birthday, O Lord, when it rains.”

There on stage, Locke pulled out the wallet, handed them $140 to cover the cost of their tickets, and later invited them backstage to hang out, sign some autographs, and pay the full $200 for their tickets.

Then on Saturday night, he went and returned the money to the entire cursed place.

according to B98.5, Luke had some audio issues on Saturday and wasn’t able to give a full show to fans. He took some time to follow the opening set from Mitchell Tenpenny to assess his options but ultimately decided he would continue to perform.

However, since he didn’t think he could give fans a quality show that they saved their hard-earned money for, he gave them back the money. The whole stadium … about 15,000 individuals, after which he still played a shortened group that lasted more than an hour.

Annoyed, wiping tears from his eyes, he said to the crowd:

“A few hours ago, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to sing like I usually do.

What you decide to do is redeem all your tickets, and we’ll play… Wait a minute, I’ll just need your help. We are still playing the show.

But it won’t be what I think it should be for you guys who have to pay for it. So we are going to give the best free quote we can give, and I want you guys to know how sad I am to tell you that.

But all I want you to know is that we’re going to do my very best, and I’m going to give you everything I have, and I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry. “

He went on to thank fans for spending their hard-earned money on his show:

“I want you guys to know how much it means to me that you spend your hard-earned money to be here and that you get babysitters and hotel rooms and you pay for fuel.

I know it’s not just a concert ticket, I know it’s more than that and I know it’s hard to pay for nonsense now. Everything is so expensive man, life is so crazy right now.

The fact that you would spend your money to come here made me nauseous sitting on my bus knowing that I couldn’t give you what you deserve tonight.

Because I care, man, that’s what I love to do. Doin’ This song isn’t a gimmick, it’s what I like to do. And that’s what you guys deserve…it’s all I have.

So like I said before, I want you to know that I will return all your tickets. “

Like I said a thousand times… classy act.

Some equally upscale people out there in Maine offered to donate their refunds to charities:

I mean, you should hand it to the guy…Most people have been posting some thoughtless notes on Instagram about the show’s cancellation and how they’ll be back soon, but not Luke.

In fact, he may have ruined his voice even more in his attempt to gain power last night, but with that, he got out there and gave it his all, even if he had to cut the group a little.


And let’s be honest, Luke Combs could still at 50% do a better than half-business in the mainstream anyway.

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