Man attacks girlfriend’s work ethic amid mental health struggle stuns the web

The internet was stunned after a man beat up his girlfriend’s “work ethic” while she was struggling with her mental health.

Posted in reddit‘sr/AmITheA** hole forum, a guy under the anonymous username u/Lazy_Education_7228 shared his story for the ‘AITA’ community to share their verdicts.

The original poster began his story by explaining that he and his girlfriend had been together for four years. When he met her, he wrote that she worked long hours and earned more than he did – one of the reasons he loved her. He described her as “very driven and enthusiastic” and that she inspired him.

Unfortunately, due to family problems, I had it Problems with her mental health. Discuss that she does manual labor, and cut her hours by more than half. Furthermore, a stress injury can flare up when you are stressed.

man bashing his girlfriends
Pictured above is a man and a woman arguing. Posted in the r/AmITheA** hole on Reddit, a man stunned the internet after he criticized his girlfriend’s “work ethic” amid issues with her mental health.
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“She has had that bad time,” he said, “but she has completely lost her motivation and focused more on ‘better mental health’ while only working part time,” he said, “I’ve never known anyone who does this, none of my friends do that when doing this and I have lost my work ethic. Exactly. It makes me worried if she’s going to be the mother to my children because she’s lost all leadership because of her problems. I’m afraid she will if we’re going to have kids, and in life things happen and you have to keep fighting.”

When the OP confronted her about it, she argued that she pays for “half” of everything and that her decision does not affect him financially. She said she said he should encourage her to “do what makes her happy.” Even after their argument, he still felt “dissatisfied and disappointed” that she had lost her motivation and work ethic.

NEWSWEEK Reached out to OP for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

What can your significant other do to help their partner get through the tough times?

Martha TeeterLicensed Marriage and Family Suggested Therapist NEWSWEEK A significant other encourages their partner to seek treatment for their mental health issues to show care and support.

Christine Souzalicensed mental health counselor, NEWSWEEK“If you are in a relationship Someone who deals with anxietyIt is important that you learn more about the disorder. Talk to your partner and try to understand their motives so you can offer support! The last thing an anxious person needs to hear is “just relax” or “not a big deal.”

Sandra Calzadellalicensed mental health counselor, agrees, says NewsweekIt is very healing when a partner can accept that their partner is going through a difficult time and not tell them what they should be feeling while also helping to identify false belief that may be contributing to their anxiety.”

redditor feedback

“[You’re the a**hole]. She’s trying to take care of herself and you’re selfish,” said u/thatwavyhairedchica, receiving the highest comment with over 17,000 upvotes.

U/ Sweetsenkai wondered, “[You’re the a**hole]. Read again what I just wrote. It was dried, in bad mental state and I did [physical] Pain from what you do. After spending a lot of time at work, she decided to focus on her own happiness, and this did not even affect your finances, are you complaining? Would you rather make it work more but miserable, rather than try to be happier and healthier? “

“[You’re the a**hole] And don’t worry.. you will most likely be single soon and not worry about her.. the fact that you are still financially fine and it has no effect on you.. makes your cruelty towards you. [girlfriend] Even worse,” wrote u/Storm7432.

“You are the biggest hole ** I felt resentment [of] evaluation [a**hole] in a moment. You do not deserve your [girlfriend] And I hope you realize that before she makes any lifelong commitments to you,” u/Ophelialoves stated.

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