MEGADETH DAVE MUSTAINE: “Everyone loves” James Lomenzo

Mega leader Dave Mustaine He commented on his decision to hire a bass player James Lomenzo As a permanent member of the band. Lomenzo I was MegaA bass player in the mid-2000s, he has recently returned as a touring member of Metal Tour of the Year. Lomenzo officially back Mega family in May.

Talking to pistol magazine, mustine State the reason for his recruitment certificate‘s Steve DiGiorgio to play Megahis next album, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!”: “We parted ways David Elefson [in May 2021]and the idea of ​​getting it Steve It was… in the end, it will always be my decision. But there were two men that we looked at. We were trying to finish the record, so the criteria for someone to be a session player and to finish the record versus someone who is going to be a member of a band we can find now and he’s going to stick and leave what he’s doing come join us, we didn’t have time. So we looked for a guy who would just help us finish the album, and that was Steve.

“I’m not a guy who likes to catch people from other bands,” mustine explained. “I hated when [METALLICA] do it with Cliff Burton. mean grant shock It wasn’t a great band. But I think that sets you up to resent people when you go and take their band members. If your guy quits and wants to join your squad, that’s great. But if you go to certificate And he said, “Hi, I want to Steveor I would go to Steve And he said, “Hey, I’ll give you a million dollars” and [he] Resigned [TESTAMENT]Do you know what will happen? I will lose my friendship with [TESTAMENT guitarist] Alex [Skolnick] and with chuck [Billy, TESTAMENT singer]. This is not the way to go.”

Regarding LomenzoAdd to MegaAnd the mustine He said: “We are welcome mosques With open arms, everyone loves it. He’s just a great, great guy. So it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. He was basically calling him, seeing what he was doing. Everyone is really happy with him. I haven’t really seen that much bounce from the fans. I know that the two most important people, besides me, Dirk [Verbeuren, drums] And the kiko [Loureiro, guitar], love it. That’s what I wanted. I wanted the four of us to play together and be comfortable with each other and know there was no weirdness or any double dealing or anything like that, because those are the things that always destroy teams. Since then, we’ve had this close, the four of us mosques came. They are always together somewhere – always, always. mosques He is down at the bar with a glass of wine kikoor mosques He is in the gym with Dirk. They always do something great together.”

Lomenzo join Mega in 2006 and appeared on two of the group’s studio albums, 2007 “United Abominations” and 2009 “game over”. He was separated from the group in 2010 and replaced with the original comeback Mega Guitar player David Elefson.

In addition to MegaAnd the Lomenzo played with Ozzy OsbourneAnd the Zack Wilde And the white lion. for nine years, Lomenzo It was also performed with popular rock bands John Fogerty.

Lomenzo He played his first show with Mega In nearly 12 years in August 2021 in Austin, Texas. The concert took place three months later Elefsondismissal from Mega After posting sexually immoral messages and explicit videos of him Twitter.

Elefson Laying on bus tracks Mega16th LP in May 2020 at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly thereafter, he was cheering his performance on the recording, telling 96.7 KCAL-FM radio show “Wired in the Empire” That his musical chemistry Verbiorin It was similar to the interaction between Jedi Lee And the Neil Burt on the classic Accelerates albums. “I feel like I’m new Mega record me and Dirk “I have those same moments,” he said. Mega – it’s not Accelerates, obviously — but in the realm of what we’re doing, there were these moments where I’d just go, “Oh, my God.” This is me when I was a kid going, ‘This is my country Jedi/Nile moment here. “

In June 2021, mustine He announced during an episode of his show Gimme Radio “The Dave Mustaine Show” who – which ElefsonBus tracks will not be used on the new Mega LP.

Elefson was in Mega From the band’s debut in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until his last departure.

“The sick, the dying…and the dead!” It will arrive on September 2nd via UMe.

image credit: Travis Shin

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