MLB Playoff Watch: Astros cruising, Yankees struggling, Mariners flying

by Jordan Shusterman
FOX Sports MLB clerk

With less than a month left in the regular season, there’s only one thing we know for sure when it comes to the MLS game picture: the road to the world championship runs through Houston.

Certainly, it is possible that the Wild Card team will be able to eliminate the strong.”Strauss In the first division, but as it stands, Houston’s comfortable lead over the New York Yankees has secured the home grounds advantage throughout the MLS playoffs as the Astros look to make their fourth World Championship appearance in six years.

After that, though? There are all kinds of possibilities for how the field might vibrate, the latest being the potential astounding collapse of Yankees In the East, though Aaron Judge Evoke what feels like my day.

Even if New York holds up, AL Central is still a muddled mix of three teams vying for the league title, and unlike the National League, where Atlanta held its highest wild card for months, the three wild card standings. The teams seem to change almost every hour.

Let’s check out the 10 MLS teams still hoping to play in October.

(Note: The “Last Week” logs include games from August 29 to September 4.)

Houston Astros

Arrow pointing: neutral
Inclusive: 87-48
Since the August 2 deadline: 11-20
last week: 4-1
Match odds (via FanGraphs): 100%

How fitting it is that the Astros have a great opportunity to promote Hunter Brownwho designs his delivery after Justin Verlander, ready to rise and dominate just as Verlander came on the injured list. Should we be surprised?

With the Yankees largely wasting their lead in 15.5 games in the AL East, the Astros were able to maintain a very comfortable lead. Seattle All summer long, though sailors Get the best record in AL since June 21. The home field advantage in the Major League Playoffs is essentially a lockout for the Astros.

But with a fairly easy remaining table that includes three versus Angelsthree against tigers and four against as suchHouston can chase down Dodgers For the best record in baseball? I wouldn’t rule it out.

New York Yankees

Arrow pointing: seriously down
Inclusive: 81-54
Since the August 2 deadline: 11-20
last week: 2-4
Playoff odds: 100%

On paper, the file twins It wouldn’t look like a team the Yankees would want to see trying to tackle their recent slump. Fortunately, though, Yankee Stadium has been Minnesota’s automatic doom for nearly two decades now, so this might be exactly the team New York wants to see.

Monday’s first game was a good example of this, helping Aaron Judge 3,745 times this season (approximately) overcoming a massive blast from the former Yankees catcher. Gary Sanchez On the way to a 5-2 win in New York. The biggest problem for New York right now is the injuries that keep piling up Anthony Rizzo Hit the list of injured after announcing it Andrew Benintende He will need wrist surgery.

Harrison Bader He is said to be approaching a rehab mission, and Nestor Curtis Jr. A return is also expected in the near future, but this team may not be healthy and fully operational until the season is over. In the meantime, they’ll have to dodge the matter Tampa Bay And the Toronto With an incomplete list.

sailors in seattle

Arrow pointing: higher
Inclusive: 76-59
Since the August 2 deadline: 10-21
last week: 6-0
Playoff odds: 99.1%

Back-to-back road sweeps in Detroit and Cleveland keep the Mariners in a good position in the AL wild-card standings. The promotional staff has been carrying Seattle for most of the past few months, especially since the arrival of Luis Castillo The deadline and the emergence of the correct rookie George Kirby As one of the most intimidating young pitchers in AL.

Now it’s off-putting to start accumulating more consistent performances if sailors want to hold on to their precious wild energy as they enter the last tough period of the schedule: white socksAnd the brave And the Padres They’re all visiting T-Mobile Park over the next week. If the M’s can walk in the water during this stretch, they’ll be in perfect shape, with their last 20 games against teams under 0.500.

MLB Power Rankings: Astros, Dodgers and Mets Show No Signs of Slowing down

MLB Power Rankings: Astros, Dodgers and Mets Show No Signs of Slowing down

Ben Verlander takes a look at his latest MLB Power rankings, led by the Dodgers, Astros and Mets.

Toronto Blue Jays

Arrow pointing: higher
Inclusive: 75-59
Since the August 2 deadline: 18-14
last week: 5-1
Playoff odds: 97.9%

The double sweep in Baltimore starting this week should make Jays feel good, especially with her Bo BechetA three-player game is reminiscent of the kind of impact it can make for a squad that has no shortage of star players.

If you catch the Blue Jays on the right day – or on the wrong day, as a competitor – they can look like one of the best teams in baseball. The talent is not in question, but this last month it will be about whether they can find more consistency than they have shown so far. A five-game streak at home against the Rays next week could go a long way toward crystallizing the AL wild-card image.

Tampa Bay Rays

Arrow pointing: Little
Inclusive: 75-58
Since the August 2 deadline: 10-21
last week: 4-1
Playoff odds: 95.5%

This team keeps screaming, somehow, somehow. even without Franco’s walkwho still suffers from setbacks in his own country Way back from wrist surgerythe Rays find a way to win baseball games, most recently with a streak home win against the struggling Yankees.

Chasing the Yankees in the division – along with a rookie Toronto side – will be a challenge, but entering the post-season period at all should be considered a success for a Rise who has outlasted a staggering number of injuries to key players, most recently being in trouble for Cy Young candidate. Shane McClanahan.

The Rays’ best chance of making up for the Yankees comes this weekend in the Bronx. Then, they’ll need to keep winning close-ball games while keeping an eye on the out-of-town scoreboard.

Yankees and Rice warm up the East

Yankees and Rice warm up the East

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry break the Middle East battle between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. Which team will win the division?

Cleveland guards

Arrow pointing: lowest
Inclusive: 68-64
Since the August 2 deadline: 15-15
last week: 1-5
Playoff odds: 46.5%

It’s been a rough week on the ground, with the Guardians losing a winning streak at home against Baltimore and Seattle, thanks in large part to a dismal stretch of offensive performances that included 27 consecutive goalless runs. Obviously, that wouldn’t cut it if the Guardians wanted to come out this last month as class champions.

The Cleveland pitching crew – especially the deep and talented Bulls – won’t need Astros-level support to win matches, but the Guardians’ attack should be better than what they’ve shown over the past week. A massive chain looms in Minnesota this weekend.

Minnesota Twins

Arrow pointing: lowest
Inclusive: 68-65
Since the August 2 deadline: 14-17
last week: 3-3
Playoff odds: 31.8%

With two more series remaining against Cleveland and Chicago, Minnesota must control its destiny in pursuit of the AL Central crown, but for now, the twins find themselves in the opposite problem for Cleveland: They can score in groups, but this staff is beginning to show the cracks that many were worried About the year approaching, even with some additions made to the deadline.

Tyler Mahley Returning to IL is very unfortunate at this point in the season, and the twins will now turn into rookie Louie Varland to make his MLB debut this week at the House of Horrors which is Yankee Stadium. The twins will probably be able to work their way up to the division title, but it’s possible that some shooters will have to step up.

Chicago White Sox

Arrow pointing: Little
Inclusive: 68-67
Since the August 2 deadline: 16-16
last week: 4-2
Playoff odds: 25.1%

Are they really going to pull this off? A team with so many promises to come the season has seen many parts of their roster move sideways due to injury or underperformance, but thanks to the inconsistency of the teams ahead of them, the White Sox are in the mix to win the degree anyway. .

Lance Lin Turned in a vintage performance in Seattle to start the week, and Elvis Andrews You put in an incredible amount of offensive production in Tim AndersonAbsence. Now he is on some other young players, like Yuan MoncadaAnd the Louis Robert And the Lucas Giolito, to start performing like the stars we thought they were a year ago. If they do, this team can really start to buzz. At this point, nothing at AL Central would surprise me.

Baltimore Orioles

Arrow pointing: neutral
Inclusive: 71-64
Since the August 2 deadline: 19-13
last week: 4-2
Playoff odds: 3.4%

This could be the week when we finally see the double Orioles post-season odds numbers More at FanGraphs? Then again, Monday’s double-header sweep of Toronto wasn’t a great start.

It should be noted that other sites with different projection models such as FiveThirtyEight (11%), baseball reference (21%) and baseball flyer (21%) are more optimistic about Baltimore’s chances of achieving this miracle. However, yesterday’s two losses plus poor performances on our soil this weekend against one of the league’s worst teams in Oakland certainly took some wind in this magical Baltimore race.

Only Tampa Bay has a tighter remaining schedule than Baltimore among the post-season contenders, so things aren’t about to get any easier either. non-veteran Gunnar Henderson It already sounds like the real deal, but is it too late? He’ll need to keep a charge at that team on either side of the ball if Baltimore is to keep hanging around. Madeleine Rochman He certainly couldn’t do it alone.

Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson provide the spark

Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson provide the spark

Ben Verlander and Melanie Newman talk about the impact of Orioles beginners Adley Rochman and Gunnar Henderson on the team.

Boston Red Sox

Arrow pointing: Little
Inclusive: 67-69
Since the August 2 deadline: 15-17
last week: 5-2
Playoff odds: 0.8%

Here’s your warning, Boston: If you don’t find some momentum in these next two series against Rays and Orioles, I won’t remind you when I do that workout again in a couple of weeks. It might already be generous to include the Red Sox in any kind of discussion surrounding the post-season 2022, but the Boston mop (that’s a four-game sweep) of Notice She kept her hopes alive for another week.

Trevor’s story He’s been excellent since he got out of IL, we’ll see if he’s a first base prospect Triston Casas It can bring more thumbs up to your lineup. Time is running out fast, but two consecutive wins this week could bring Boston back within easy reach.

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