Motorola Moto G62 5G review: Is 5G worth the many sacrifices?

Moto G62 5G phone an introduction

The Moto G62 5G is, as you can tell by the name, one of the many phone models from Motorola’s affordable “G” lineup. What makes this device special, or at least stand out from the rest of its relatives, is that it offers 5G connectivity at a very reasonable price of just over £200.

There is one question that pops up almost immediately when you see an attractively priced 5G phone, though – what does a manufacturer have to throw away to make that happen? Well, in the case of the Moto G62, it turns out Motorola Apparently he had to cut a little.

However, the Moto G62 5G has some recovery qualities that help it stay afloat. But enough wrapping around the bush, let’s see what the humble 5G phone is made of.

What’s new in the device?

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+
  • Main camera 50 mega pixel
  • 16MP Ultra Wide Camera
  • Refresh rate 120 Hz

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Moto G62 5G phone Unboxing

When you open the Moto G62 5G box, you’re presented with the phone itself, your operating documentation, charging bricks (only 10W), and a USB C cable, as well as a cheap transparent case. However, do not get any kind of screen protector inside.

Moto G62 5G phone Specifications

The strongest parts of the Moto G62 5G spec sheets are undoubtedly the battery capacity, display and speakers. These are the main aspects that make this budget Motorola phone worth considering. We will go into more details with respect to those in the respective sections below.

Moto G62 5G phone Design and colors

The Moto G62 5G has a design that is very familiar to other Motorola G series phone models. You have your fairly large flat screen with a large hole for the front camera in the top center of the phone. The same screen is nestled between a thick top and bottom bezel that’s twice as thick.

Now, while the screen is flat, fortunately, the edges of the phone have been rounded, making the phone easier to hold. Also helpful is that the Moto G62 is neither too heavy nor too light (184g/6.49oz), which increases the feeling of security in the hand.

On the right side of the phone, you will find a quick fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button. The rocker volume is quite louder, and both feel tactile and powerful.

The rest of the G62’s body consists of plastic sides and a back panel, with the latter being a huge fingerprint magnet, at least in the Frosted Blue version we have here at PhoneArena. Thankfully, Motorola has at least decided to go for a cleaner look with the design, leaving only the logo and company name on the back.

However, the plastic that was used seems more on the cheap side of the quality spectrum, but it’s decent enough for the price. It’s probably worth adding here that Gorilla Glass isn’t mentioned when it comes to the screen, so it’s probably best to pack the G62 with a good screen protector ASAP if you decide to buy it.

In terms of water protection, the phone is marketed to include only water-resistant properties, which can be understood as “it will be fine in the rain, but don’t submerge it in any kind of water, and keep it away from heavy rain.”

As for the color options, along with Frosted Blue, the Moto G62 comes in Midnight Gray as well.

Moto G62 5G phone Show

The Moto G62 comes with an impressively good screen for its price. The best part about it is the maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, which helps make the animations and general navigation of the phone’s user interface a joy to try. If you want to extend battery life, you can change the refresh rate to 60Hz from the display settings, or choose the automatic option, and let the phone choose instead.

Unfortunately, it’s very rare to get an OLED screen at this price point, along with the amazing contrast it brings. Here you have a 6.5 inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels.

Screen color accuracy and maximum brightness aren’t among the G62’s strong suits, so this might not be the best phone choice for you if you watch a lot of media, and even more so if you’re doing it outside.

Display Measurements:

Moto G62 5G phone camera

Motorola has equipped the Moto G62 with a classic triple: a 50-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a 2-megapixel macro camera. We also have a 16MP rear camera on the front of the phone which as we have already indicated is remarkably large. This is good news, because they are the most used on our phones.

The main camera produces stills and video at a quality level suitable for the phone’s price range. Details look adequate and HDR performance is fine, however, colors look a bit off compared to how the subject looks in real life. You may also notice that the G62 tends to bump up the contrast a bit.

Moto G62 5G main camera video sample:

Moto G62 5G Ultra Wide Camera Video Sample:

The main camera’s video recording isn’t bad either. All the pros and cons of taking still photos are directly conveyed here, with the added pleasant surprise of superb electronic stabilization. You can shoot in 1080p, 30fps and 60fps, but the crop changes depending on which photo you choose – the former are cropped larger and vice versa.

Although the selfie camera is not quite perfect when facing challenging scenarios, it does a good job provided you give it enough light. Skin tones are generally represented quite accurately with this camera – Motorola seems to have paid special attention to the selfie lovers out there.

On the other hand, the ultra-wide camera noticeably lacks detail when compared to the main camera. It’s still usable and you can get a fairly decent looking shot, but that’s about it. Moreover, you can only shoot video via the ultra-wide screen at 1080p at 30fps.

Last but not least we have the 2 mega pixel macro, which… just exists. The shots you get from this photo are so blurry that you might forget they’re there, too.

Moto G62 5G phone performance and standards

Motorola has built a Snapdragon 480+ 5G 8nm processor inside the Moto G62, which is Qualcomm’s mid-range chipset for all intents and purposes. Thus, this means that this Moto device is not entirely suitable for high performance or even average performance when it comes to intense tasks or gaming.

However, you can still play some of the lighter titles, albeit not for long as the back can get quite hot during extended gaming sessions. The chipset is also quite capable of handling normal phone use, with no obvious hitches while browsing the web, messaging, watching videos, and using apps that don’t require much processing.

In terms of memory and storage, there is only one option which is the 4/128GB combo. Yes, only 4GB of RAM, which means you can’t rely much on the G62 for multitasking. One silver lining is that you can expand the 128GB storage via the SD card slot that also doubles as a second SIM card.

Performance Standards:

Moto G62 5G phone OS / Android version

As usual with Motorola phones, the Moto G62 comes with a very stock version of Android 12. Of course, you also have the company’s nifty extra features like special hand gestures, menu customization options, and other features like wake up display.

In terms of software updates and longevity, Motorola isn’t exactly known for its extended support, especially with cheaper models like the G62. It’s safe to say that in this case there will only be one major update to Android 13, with a much lower chance of an Android 14 update later. The same also applies to security updates, which are sometimes a little late compared to the competition.

Moto G62 5G phone battery

Now we get to the most powerful aspect of all the Moto G62 specs, which is its big battery and amazing battery life! In this case, we have a maximum capacity of 5000mAh that works great with the power efficiency of the Snapdragon 480+ 5G chip, resulting in a good two-day battery with regular use.

PhoneArena battery test results:

Moto G62 5G Charging Speeds

What the G62 offers in overall battery life, although it lacks its ability to charge such a massive 5,000mAh cell. That’s because the maximum charge supported here is 15W, which you can’t take full advantage of if you rely only on the 10W charger that comes in the box.

Moto G62 5G phone Sound quality and tactile feel

Now, the Moto G62 5G comes with stereo speakers that are really fun to listen to. They can get loud if needed, and without making a very vocal sound. This is perhaps one of the strongest selling points of this Motorola, as it is second only to the amazing battery life! Oh yeah, and there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Touches, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired. But then again, we really didn’t expect anything less from Motorola at £200. Our tip is to turn the vibration off once you get your hands on the Moto G62, and leave it only for calls and notifications – a movement that’s basically standard with the Moto G Series.

Moto G62 5G phone competitors

If you can increase your budget even just a tiny bit, you can get Galaxy A33 5G Instead, which comes with a better screen, chip performance, faster charging, software support and last but not least a better camera quality. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G phonefor many of the same reasons as the Galaxy A33, except for the software support part.

Moto G62 5G phone Summary and final judgment

Yes, Motorola’s Moto G62 5G is one of the most affordable phones on the market to offer 5G connectivity. However, it sacrifices a lot of other aspects that make or break the phone to our satisfaction.

The screen would have been great for this price point, despite the inaccurate colors and mediocre contrast levels, if only its maximum brightness were the most satisfying. Another great example is the great battery life that can easily be overshadowed by poor charging speeds and less capable charging bricks, which seems like a joke just to the good of the user.

When you factor in the rest of the negatives like mediocre camera quality, unreliable software support, cheap build, and low level of protection, things like the phone’s great sound quality and great stereo speakers tend to disappear into the void.

If you can save a little money, we recommend looking elsewhere, and choosing one of the alternative options that aren’t stripped and still have 5G connectivity.

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